Backpacking Greece:Santorini,Perissa Black Beach

3.31.2015 Santorini, Greece

It wasn't my first time with the Black beach.If you remember my All India Road Trip where we stopped at Daman Beach for a while,although that beach was dirty,the colour Black of Beach in Daman, India didn't impress me as much.So I was in a way skeptical if this would , but choosing Black Beach at Perissa was a deliberate choice after I had been playing for a while with the Red pebbles at the Red beach.

In the beginning - it was all black and white @Perissa Beach Santorini

While the sea at Red Beach and Oia was calm,making me think if there was any impact of the cold winds I could feel in my hair along the caldera,black beach was stubborn - an affirmation that wind plays fury.Like a teen revolting.Like thunderstorms.Like dare you come in front.

Let us be waves of love and let it wash the universe @ Perissa Black Beach Santorini

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So strong were the winds,that the Super Jets and the Jets and the boats were cancelled for the day.But the play remained play.

Local Bus Tip:Catch the bus from Fira Bus Stand to Perissa.Route maps in last blogpost.

Me,With the tossing waves 

 The sport ‘surfing' requires big waves to make a splash.This time the waves were bigger than enough and people who could,surf they did.

Life is better when you surf


The cliff alongside the black beach added a contrast to the color black making it all the more appealing.

Cliff-ed Beauty

The ATV’s parked alongside was to have beach fun.It was where I spend some time sitting on the beach,playing with the dogs of the locals,and watching the dogs play by the tide.I felt at ease as if enjoying my downtime by the beach.

ATV's at Perissa Black Beach

Every dog has his day!

Dogs never bite me,just humans - Marilyn Monroe

Relax because not every page has to be a masterpiece

But for today,we have got to pause.Because my stories will never end.Let me by then take you to a series of photo essay of the Perissa Black Beach:

On the way - The view from inside the local bus...

Black Sand patterns on the Perissa Beach

If you wish to camp..this is right at the beach

Watching the waves!

That could have made the 'Jets' cancel

The eateries alongside the beach are little costly

Perissa Church @ Perissa Black Beach

So tomorrow I am going to take you to another white village where I ran to catch the last local bus as I lusted for Artichokes Fishes which I had placed to fry.

/*This trip was part funded as a result of win worth Rs 1 lakh from Skyscanner and Blogadda.In that 1 lakh,I chose my stay and flights to Greece,France and Italy and a part of Turkey*/

Let’s see how my journey goes…..


  1. What lovely pictures... looks like you have an awesome time :)

  2. Hi Ankita,
    The Perissa Black Beach in Santorini was a new experience for me. I have never seen black beaches and I truly want to change that fact. The vibe that Santorini gives is romantic and blissful. I loved the pictures of the black beaches, cafes and the Perissa Church. Congratulations on the awesome Greek travelogue.

  3. The amazing place to visit in holidays,the pics are extraordinary no words to say....simply superb......


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