Asus ZenFone 5: Review,Budget Smart Phone

3.05.2015 Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

                       Supernote: A damn cool feature in my #MyAsusZenfone (Asus Zenfone 5 )
Gone are the days when cellphones were only cellphones with few selected features.With new upcoming Technology and Apps life has become simpler.I always struggled to draw on MSPaint on my laptop,my hands shake tremble and an otherwise decent drawing turns out to be childlike idiotic with me using eraser more than a pen to correct my mistakes.I wish if there was something simpler that made doodle easier.I wish instead of using the text feature of my phone,I would just touch the screen,write the way I write in my diary and its written.Well if you are looking for life to be simpler,Asus Zenfone is as cool as ice and as intuitive as you wish a technology to be.

In July 2014, ASUS India launched the ZenFone series which masters technology and design perfection. It has been awarded the “Budget Smart Phone of The Year – 2014” at Exhibit Tech Awards 2014. 

Asus Zenfone 5 costs just Rs 9140(16 gb ram)

The ZenFone 5 is the perfect mobile companion for you, everyday. Some of its standout features include an 8MP PixelMaster camera, Corning Gorilla Glass, GloveTouch and the new ASUS ZenUI.The touch screen is so far one of the best I have used - its so fluid - that you can easily draw in the same way you draw with a pen on the paper.Signing your name becomes an easy task in Asus as does minimalistic drawings or even detailed ones if you have patience.

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Prior to this with Android I have had left hope,this comes as a magic renewal of my faith in Android.So in the next 3 posts,I will be talking about what I liked and what I didn’t like about Asus Zenfone 5 coupled with doodles and pictures and videos.Let’s discuss how we got started,the battery life,some of the new features to look at,and what makes it so user-friendly and intuitive.

                                      Doodle created by me in Supernote,and saved without grid!

It’s a smart and simple device that kind of understands you. Every time you use it you feel you are at the center of everything.Let me tell you how

1)Asus ZenFone 5:The Start

                                      Very sleek and elegant and very user-friendly
  The screen by default lands you to now,the temperature and date and place and weather to tomorrow what the weather is going to be like.It also highlights 3 features we use the most in form of circles : Camera,Phone and Text.As you swipe screen to unlock you would see ‘no sim attached and emergency calls only’ if you haven’t used a sim or ‘the sim’ if you have used one.Even if you haven’t inserted a sim,the phone works perfectly as desired.It isn’t as large as a tablet but in exactly the same size that will fit your palm.

For me,currently what It shows on my screen is Now Holika Dahan,5th mar Tomorrow Partly Sunny with T-Storms,Drive carefully.Bangalore 21 degrees.Dolyatra As you swipe in the home page,you would see Google search box with voice recognition and icons that includes email,play store,phone,internet,camera and asus.Now Asus icon contains primary apps which are most used.

2)Asus ZenFone 5:Supernote 

 My creative endeavor sometimes need simpler outlets.With Photoshop and paint and etc,I feel myself juggling with concepts or between the fact that either its too basic or time taking.But with super note,I felt its the perfect way to send a greeting.Like for example Holi.How many of you wished that in today’s date when the handmade cards are out,you would still create your own personalized doodle and mail someone near and dear.With supernote,along with acting as notes with text,it gives colors and pen and brush to fill up.You can save as removing grid and share on all social media channels and via mail.You can also add timestamps or add stamps which are basically cute clip arts.You can add music,take a picture,basically play around with Supernote.It’s so much fun!

3)Asus ZenFone 5:Calendar 

 The second feature which is primarily there in all phones but not to the simplest of simplest version Asus has.So Asus has in their calendar all holidays stored.So If you have chosen 'bharat'(India) while setup,while opening calendar for march you would see highlighted dates for holidays and festivals written along with.At the moment I can see Holika Dahan on 5th and Dolyatra on 6th.If you have stored your bday it’ll show your bday and all holidays in Agenda.You can also add events and guests who you want to invite in.

4)Asus ZenFone 5:Do It Later 

 So Do It Later are basically ‘To do tasks’you can categorize it as read later,call later,reply later,edit later or check later.While adding a new task,you can add task summary,add notes,due date,reminder date,and importance which you can choose from normal to high.So suppose if I want to shop,which for me is a task that I might skip in daily chores,I can always set a ‘to do task’ with a priority as normal.For important work such as planning a Holi party,I would set it as important to book tickets for it.You can also use feedback and help for the user forum asus users might have posted their FAQ’s on.And most of them have replies.

An interesting article shared by friends on social media, important daily news, an important e-mail sent from a colleague, and the text message from Mum - all the things you need to check and are afraid to forget about. Add these tasks into Do It Later, where all of your tasks will be clearly listed so you can quickly see what's on your to do list. You can also write your feedback or bug report.

5)Asus ZenFone 5:Contacts 

 When you set up the Zenfone,it asks if you have a google account.Now contacts gets all the contacts from gmail to begin with.What I liked about Asus Zenfone 5 was you can synchronize your new contact with either google account or another device.When filling up details of another device,you would be asked name,phone number and other details.So no need to save your contacts and write them in a sheet of paper.There are also user - friendly options such as delete multiple contacts,share multiple contacts,manage contacts,add multiple contacts to VIP.You can also choose to display only those contacts with phone numbers,or you can sort the contact by family name or given name.

VIP Contacts are key contacts to avoid missing important calls,messages and emails. You can create a group of contacts under tabs which are already there such as Friends,Co-workers,Family,Favorites,Frequent,VIP,emergency Contacts and Youtube.

You can also add your customized group.You can create a group of block list and white list.Block list would contains block calls and messages.All you have to do is just click + to choose the number to block.

 6)Asus ZenFone 5: Battery Life 

 This phone has excellent battery life,so even if you are using internet,it lasts for quite some time.Doesn’t get slow in performance when charging.It doesn't get heated for me,but NDTV lists occasional heating as one of the problems.

All in all,a pretty decent phone.Wait till the reviews of other feature in the phone comes in subsequent posts.Till Then,Admire my creativity and the elegance of the newly launched Asus ZenFone 5.

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