#HondaWeekends:Amritsar To Pathankot Road Trip

2.24.2015 Amritsar, Punjab, India

What if Shahrukh Khan didn't pass by to sing in those random mustard fields,imagine what DDLJ would have been.'Incomplete' isn't it?

Gurdaspur #Punjab gave us that 'Complete' moment with sugarcane and mustard fields in super bright yellow hues.

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Sometimes you just need wide open spaces to find joy in a journey than the final destination,your inner voice screaming “Keep going,just keep going”.As the wind gently sweeps the hair by your side,best journeys answer questions that in the beginning you don’t even care to ask.But no matter,the road is life.

With no stiff objective as such in our minds,except we vaguely knew we were going to drive down  the new Honda Mobilio from Amritsar to Pathankot,we were bang on the road with the boys(Akshay and Bharat) taking lead turn by turn.After all,we were in a New Car - with the excitement abound.

Trying my hand for a few minutes on a Honda Mobilio

The ruffle of the plastic cover over the seat,the smell of the newness was enough to keep us happy.

The random radio screeched in the top of the voice - local ads that we swiftly changed.I chose to sit with the window view on the middle seat,eyes in eyes with people around at the rear and front,having fun at each moment.The people at the back looked quite comfortable with the wide leg gap between the seats whereas usually in other cars the back seats are always cramped.

Amritsar To Pathankot: Along The Way 

 How anticipated a trip turns out to be when we know the places we are going to see.But how boring unpredictable the trip turns out to be when what we thought we would reach, never came as we got mesmerized by what we saw in between.Yes,the best part about all road trips is unlike trains or planes , you can stop just anywhere.Anywhere you feel like.

Gurdaspur : A Random Stopover

South Indian in North India :)

Driving through the highway onto Dhariwal and Gurdaspur,we stopped for the Pakora & Chai stop-over at Chennai Xprs at Nashera Majja Singh where we played with the two dogs who were tied by the swing and had our pakodas. The name was a welcome surprise that instantly made us to stop :)

 Along the way,we spotted a random Durga Ji Murti and a train passing through the fields. 

 In between I tried my hands for a few minutes of test drive in the mustard fields.And oh! how smooth the driving was.The reason I later realized how and why I was as refreshed as I left.No grumpy dismantled feeling to accompany me this time.Phew! #HappyDance #HondaWeekends #Punjab

The mustard fields

And in the sugarcane fields

     Honda Mobilio : Don't Just Drive Flaunt It With Style

A car that’s built to tackle the toughest roads and look stylish while doing so. It has smooth driving dynamics to match its futuristic design. Mobilio fits in perfectly with Honda’s ‘Man Maximum, Machine Minimum’ Philosophy that believes in maximizing space for you and minimizing space taken by the machinery. This philosophy reflects in the car beautifully as we have designed concave indents on each door that offer more space. Similarly, all three rows of seats are plush with ample area to ensure a  comfortable ride.

A stylish 7 seater MPV that is as much for you, as it is for your family and friends. Honda Mobilio is as powerful as it looks. With an uncompromising 100 ps diesel and 119 ps petrol of pure power under the hood, Mobilio promises a thrilling drive each time you take it out for a spin. It comes with 1.5L i-DTEC diesel and 1.5L i-VTEC petrol engines renowned for their best – in – class mileage. And like all Honda cars, Mobilio is fun to drive as well.

At Sujanpur Saddha Chulha Vaishno Dhaba

Finally going even further than we thought, towards Pathankot & Sujanpur - all for delightful Punjabi food.The trip is still not end.How can it be?We have the food trail of Amritsar coming in next post,shout one shout all...Hip Hip Hurrey! 


  1. @magiceye:Thanks magiceye.Yes it was,enjoyed so much :)

  2. Beautiful photos. I have wonderful memories of that road trip.

  3. There's nothing quite like road trips.
    The mustard fields look absolutely gorgeous!

  4. We did Delhi to Amritsar recently and stopped many times in Sarson Ke Khet and even camped there. The road is really good and one of the best in India...Nothing can be more scenic and romantic than Sarson Ke Khet....

  5. Nice Article sir, Keep Going on... I am really impressed by read this. Thanks for sharing with us. Govt Jobs.

  6. @IBPS:Thanks IBPS.Have you been on the same road before?

  7. @Prasad NP:Wow camping in Sarson ke khet that sounds exciting.Did you carry your own tents or you camped somewhere I can too?? :)

  8. @D.Nambiar:Agree to the core.Road Trips take us through roads we otherwise would have missed.

  9. maverickbird:Oh really! Which all places did you go to?

  10. When I visit Punjab I enjoy driving motorcycle because of wide roads and green fields around.
    Your clicked photos and I was in past. Thanks for sharing photos.

  11. Very nice post with beautiful pictures.

  12. Very nice post with beautiful pictures.


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