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2.06.2015 Athens, Greece

Beautiful Athens:The Side You’ll Love:This Is My Athens 

Me,replicating the Art!

The Graffiti surrounding the area was epic.Each with detail that hinted a story ,a theme ,  a situation.On being asked on why was these Graffiti made as it is,I was told by Vicky that initially it depicted the Socio-economic state of the city.However as more and more work and visual art was recognized coupled with 2004 Summer Games, the country’s first international graffiti festival was organised where a competition was held for the best Graffiti art on a stretch of 5 km. Each had a name,a theme and an author.To know more click here:

In the recent years,religious theme have also been painted as part of Graffiti by various artists.Many of the mosques of the past have been converted into museums in this area.

Street Art as a result of Graffiti Festival
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Some of the prominent ones which I saw were Eshillou the graffiti from rebetiko, Agatharxou (grey huge graffiti by carpe diem), theatre empros riga palamidou (woman violin) and Iroon square where the two huge graffiti are the one opposite the other (people that are smiling)

Theatre empros riga palamidou

Iroon square

Grey huge graffiti by carpe diem

 As you walk down to Psiri(Pysiri) Street,you would see lamps of different shapes and sizes in the street hung over with wire connections.

Psiri Street

You would wonder why that is to which Vicky from 'This is my Athens' said,it was once this area was unsafe,there were crimes,theft as there were no lights.Then one fine day,the people from the street decided to reuse their lamps and strings of different lamp shades followed.It’s an interesting street to watch for.And it looks fab when lighted.

Later,I was surprised to know Vicky doesn't use social media nor like it.Wish I had a job like her :) Travel without social media would be a great relief.Still searching for one such job that takes me off computers but make me travel :P

I wonder what message it conveys

 I highly suggest City Circus Hostel for this one in Monstiraki. This is another great hostel where I stayed for longer time.You would literally surround yourself with Graffiti. They give you the best breakfast with many varieties of Jams and Jellies and Pickles and Flakes and Tea etc.They have many activities in their menu including Walking tour to Bar hopping to Cooking Greek Food to Sightseeing to Trip to Delphi and nearby places.So bar hopping was with City Circus.The gal at the reception is a bubbly young gal who has all the energy in the world.She accompanies you on trips or bar hops.If you happen to be there,say my 'hi' to her.Fantastic experience.

Monastiraki means ‘small monastery’ and it received its name due to small monasteries which were situated here some hundreds of years back.


And some churches where photography wasn't allowed inside

With this my first two introductory post to Athens comes to an end.We’ll have more coming up,as and when we go.We’ll also explore islands,do some shopping,hike to the mountains,go to red beach,black beach and visit the historic sites.By the end of it,you would know A-L of Greece,why not A-Z because I missed so many islands still waiting to be discovered.May be sometime this summer.I wish I had few more days.

/*This trip was partly due to my win in Skyscanner contest where I chose my flights and stay in Greece,Italy and France and part Turkey*/


  1. wow looks like you had a blast at athens. I am regular reader of your blog and i wish i could be backpacker like you. I wonder why photography is not allowed inside church. how is this as compared to european countries?

  2. @saket:Yes I did! My wishes are always with you,you can anyday backpack with a little savings.May be the similar reasons which we have in India with temples,not sure but some of them had no photography,like this one in the pic where photo was prohibited.Athens is cheaper than other European countries but Turkey is better if you have to make a choice.Greece islands are the most exotic islands I have ever been Greece for sea and islands yes!

  3. Psiri Street looks like chandini chowk area of india :)


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