SBI Life Insurance:What Makes A Great Dad


Today as I watched this soulful commercial by SBI Life Insurance,it reminded me how great Dad’s are and how precious their little words of caution,their love,their support are.Even in aggression or lack of time,there is love.They are and always be our best and first well-wisher.They make us learn,they make us grow.This commercial takes you to a life of an Army officer who is in a sort of kash-ma-kash(doubt) if he makes a #GreatDad ,very very sweet ad indeed. 

Do you dislike missing your child's Parent- Teacher meeting? Do you enjoy gardening with your kids? Fatherhood is about those little joys of being present in their moments, giving them the best of life. Insure your child’s future, be a Great Dad!

Do you have one such #dad,share your stories and I am sharing mine today.

Intelligent yet Humorous
#GreatDad of Today

I watched him walk in slow yet winning steps at 7 o’ clock in the morning towards the garden when I was still sleeping in my bed,refusing to walk and follow suit but I could see from one eye his enthusiasm on separating the weed from the rest of the plants,watering each plant as if his baby at the age of almost 90,commanded strength of the years gone by.The deep wrinkles that formed around his eyes contained stories of struggles and achievement with such grace,that it would throw the new-gen to shame.Still laughing uncontrollably at jokes at the club,his now life revolved around family and friends.Whenever he would introduce me to his friends,I would hardly remember but a nod on my face would put a smile on his face.Today presenting you my favourite dad #GreatDad #nana #nanu #mymom’sdad.He seems to have all energy in the world with no regrets and grudge in life,as if it was his story we were all part of.

As we grew up,hearing stories from Mom on his achievements were part of our daily life.How contained,how poised and how chilled out his decisions have been ,impressed us all.With the thoughts of open-mindedness that I often even find lacking in my friends of even today,he adapted to the new age as if it was just another phase.When many of his age,becoming dark brooding and complaining,he still would call me to appreciate me on my work.Even with I had doubts on if I should marry or I should not when I wasn’t,he was the one,who came up to me and asked “If I love someone” I could confide and we will talk.I remember walking in jeans and frocks,and nana would never complain.Even though he would sometimes say ‘you look great in sari’.In fact,on one such occasions , my marriage album was the talk of the home,as he would proudly show it to everyone ‘see she’s looking beautiful is what he would say’.

Stories of the back then of one of my mom did share,was the car races they used to have with uncles when she was a kid.I cannot wait to think how adventurous his life could have been.Till 10 years back,he was proudly driving his ambassador,the one he considered his strength.My mom had her greatest years in her life while she grew up ,when she would wear all the fashionable clothes I can still see in her black and white pictures.Her smile conveyed the comfort she has witnessed thanks to hard work her dad had put in all through the eyes.

At this age of ‘let go’ and ‘move on’ my #GreatDad #nanu taught me values to cling to what’s right always.When my grandma suffered from severe disease before she departed,he was the one always by her side,still making jokes,always at his humorous best.Even though after her death,had been a huge setback for him,he till today talks to me,as if nothing had happened.As if life continues to be beautiful.His friends are by his side to relax him.His family to watch him smile.

I wonder if today at this age
Such great #GreatDad exist who inspire
Not only the ones
Who are their owns
But the whole generation
That respects him,love him
Despite lack of time
And want to be with him
I am proud to have one
Right in my countryside.


  1. i think what them really great, is they accept us the way who we are, they dont want to make any change in us. And we know, they are for us, if we fall down somewhere :)


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