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2.13.2015 Santorini, Greece

Nature has its own fine ways of sprinkling fairy dust to places he consider his abode or else how can anyone imagine a brilliantly whitewashed settlement over the most disastrous historical volcanic eruption in the 17th century BC that created the circular caldera where many revive their vows today.Standing there,it felt like a stolen moment of a Bollywood dance sequence with romantic track playing in the background (yes! I haven’t forgotten Khuda Jaane and songs from Bang Bang!) ,my sheer dress smiling over the bright sunshine on the coast.Tanned as well,I was badly,but who cared,the view was too beautiful to let go.If I had a paint and a brush,I would have been there for days,trying to capture as an artist.

Santorini is also called Thira.

Santorini is as Exotic as the pictures look like,for real.
To know what I wore,click here

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For every trip,I have had been to in the last 3 years,I never wished so badly that I had my beau by my side,except this one.Watching over the various resorts that formed most part of the curve with many having infinity pool by the sea,It was an indulgence.Ever since, I have been to dreaming to come again with friends and family if I ever get a chance,this time in peak summer.

Warning to those,who plan to visit Santorini alone,there is and will be no better place to seal a kiss.The trio of black caldera,the lime washed homes with blue doors and windows matching with the deep blue sea just a little brighter to compliment the white home,is what sweeps you off your feet.How clean,how pristine and how exotic is what Santorini is all about.

The village of Fira is the lively center,whereas Oia is more quiet,intimate and romantic.

Postcard worthy Oia(spelt eeaa)!

A place where celebrities often are spotted,a place where destination weddings happen,a place where honeymoons and anniversary celebrations is just another term used and used again several times in a day.Yes,there are very few solo travelers who come here.This time it was me and my dream to be here that kept me alive through the free flowing passion of others.

Never before I have had seen something like this,Oia

Beautiful Brides Pose...

Just Landed:Athens To Santorini

My swimming pool from the Boutique and Lovely Anatoli Hotel,Fira

Yummy Homemade Breakfast spread at Anatoli.Margarita,the owner makes a wonderful host
A double room in low season costs Euro 50

I dragged myself in the dark hours of 6 am,holding in one hand the luggage I got and on another holding onto tightly my almost flying jacket resisting the wind so strong that if I had let myself loose,I would have flown a distance away some place I wouldn't have known.

Flight From Athens to Santorini - Sat 18 Oct 2014
Aegean Airlines is one of the budget airlines with remarkable service and is at par with ferry rates when booked in Advance,so I had booked in Aegean and sooner in next post you'd get to know why Ferry must be just for short distance as recommended for Budget Ferries and long distance recommended for Cruises/BigMachines.For now,I was happy I didn't take the Ferry which I would be taking from Santorini to Mykonos in my next post :)

             From                 To            Flight       Duration    Fare class    Fare type
05:15 Athens    06:00 Santorini    A3350    -    0h 45m    GoLight    K
El. Venizelos          Aegean Airlines   

If you have to take a ferry take Blue Star.The Superjet was really crap!

                                          Athens to Santorini is a flight of 35 minutes 
                                                       and in ferry it is 7 hours
For once,I knew,my boutique Anatoli Hotel which I had booked at Fira and how to reach there from the Airport.Taking a convenient bus — to the Fira Bus Terminal(Euro 2.2 , 20 minutes) and walking 20-25 minutes I landed Anatoli just opposite the Santorini Folk Museum and knocked at the door with anticipation that they would let me in.Alternatively if you do not wish to walk,you can request a pick up from the Airport by the Anatoli Hotel and the transfer price costs Euro 25.

In case if you want to do in More budget , book Blue Star ferry in advance and live in one of the budget hostels(starts from Rs 700) as suggested below:

Do have a look at reviews before you book them though :) . The hostels in Athens were superb,the reviews of Santorini too is great.

Santorini Hostels

We see these at many homes in Fira

Some of which is sold is Oia

 Just as I entered,I knew I made the right choice.Even though in the pictures online the swimming pool almost overlooks the sea,the one in reality had a sea to look at but wasn't so near.On request,I was a given a room with a balcony prior to my check in time.Each room gives a very lovely and comfortable look and feel as every room is built like a traditional mud house.

The breakfast was fab with different types of homemade cookies and crunches and cakes and juices and etc.The owner,Margarita was very helpful and gave me a map to help me with directions.Most of the places on the map can be reached by taking a bus from the Fira Bus Terminal which I took many times in the next 3 days.So beginning with,let’s take you to some gorgeous pictures from Santorini before we head out to villages and hike to red beach in the next post.

Should I say more...

Just where my home must be

Trails that lead to another place Beautiful

Making it one of the best place to walk around
in Peace

Just anywhere.
In fact I walked the full whole day
And didn't get tired.
Because I was too busy getting stunned.

She says it all
Best place for photographers.

Night Shines

                   What makes Greece different from the rest of Europe are these islands

Sight that behold.Pool with the view of Caldera.
And there are many such

I haven't seen such bright white so far
Just everywhere

Delicious food at Floga as recommended by Tripadvisor

I had ordered spicy but this was too spicy for me
On watching me with tears in my eyes,the chef gave me a less spicier and yummy version

Nature paints

And this is where I plan to retire

The breathtaking sunset at Oia

Reflecting on the Caldera

/*This trip was part funded as a result of win worth Rs 1 lakh from Skyscanner and Blogadda.In that 1 lakh,I chose my stay and flights to Greece,France and Italy and a part of Turkey*/


  1. Amazing! I have no words for your photos! They just transported me to Greece. :-)

  2. Greece tops my bucket list , such stunning locale :)

  3. Wow! This is like awesome! What an experience!

  4. I want to go there :D And you look beautiful in the first picture.

  5. @Mridula:Thanks Mridula :) Greece Islands especially are just out of the world

  6. @Param: Thanks Param :) Planning Greece As Next?

  7. just had a gut feeling that its gonna be awesome before I traveled.And it was :)

  8. @Renuka:Oh really! Work done then :) He he hope you get to travel Greece soon


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