Athens: Hiking to Lycabettus Hill,Photoessay


Refuge to wolves or creation by Athena?With this post on hiking the mighty Lycabettus,my 11 day trip to Greece comes to an end.Shoot out any questions if you have for Athens - Santorini - Mykonos and I'd love to get back.

Somewhere on Mount Lycabettus,Greece

The next morning, on my Hostel table I met the same guy from India again,the one I met at Ancient Agora yesterday.This time,he and his another friend from Russia who barely spoke English was planning to hike to the top of Lycabettus Hill.The question popped up 'Will you come with us?' I wasn’t free.I had TBEX registration.I asked them they were planning to leave. They said 11am.I bid them Goodbye,said its tough as per now and moved further.Hopped into one of the trains and reached my venue.Within half an hour my TBEX registration was complete.They told me to come the next day to attend the event.So that meant the rest of the day suddenly became free.But this time,I had no clue on how to find the Indian Guy as I hadn’t taken the number.Neither did I know which room he was in.And sadly I had forgotten his name.

The funny part about life is 'Meeting folks and forgetting taking their number' and then 'missing them for the fun part or trying to reconnect with barely anything in mind'.

 As  I started walking from Monastiraki station to the hostel,I saw the two somewhere on my way.Excited,I literally caught hold of them.Shall I join?Give me two minutes I’ll keep my stuff in the room.The Indian guy and the Russian exchanged looks of 'what if being a girl I'll take forever'.With a little hush discussion between themselves I was let in,but with a warning that I must arrive soon.

And there within 5-7 minutes,we were walking past catching metros to Syntagma.

                                          From Kolonaki to Lycabettus - The uphill road
                                      Well this isn't the trail but exactly before the trail :)

Mount Lycabettus is popular but why?

It stands high about Acropolis and you get a clear 360 view of Athens from the top.

 Lycabettus Hill is a limestone hill near Kolonaki - a walk from Syntagma Metro.Kolonaki is a place where you have all branded shops.It was also where I got the charger of my iPhone exchanged as my phone wasn’t working.Pine trees cover its beautiful base and as you hike to the top the view itself is captivating.

 There are many legends surrounding Lycabettus Hill.It is believed that this place was once a refuge of wolves(Lycos in Greece).

Mythologically, Lycabettus is credited to Athena, who created it when she dropped a mountain she had been carrying from Pallene for the construction of the Acropolis after the box holding Erichthonius was opened.

At the top of Hill

Its nonetheless a lovely hike

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 At its two peak at the top are 19th century Chapel of St. George,a theater and a restaurant.The open air theater houses many Greek and international concerts.You can also take a funicular tramway(8 euro) to the top of the hill but we chose to walk instead.It's an easy hike.

Let’s have a look at the photo essay shall we?

View from the Top

Did you see Acropolis right across?This picture is from somewhere in middle way of the hike.

Thanks so much!

With this my journey to Greece comes to an end.
Next we explore Italy and Turkey and US.Well well...
The world seems to be never ending..


  1. Lovely pics...

    Ami @

  2. Lovely pics...

    Ami @

  3. What a view from the top! I loved the lights at night but then in 2001 I had no skills to capture them!

  4. Interesting! So Day 1 of TBEX is just registration and nothing else?

  5. Great pics and information. One of my dream destinations i would really like to go there someday. Hope to hear more from you. Thank You.


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