Backpacking Athens: Acropolis,Temple of Zeus,Ancient Agora

6.08.2015 Athens, Greece

Perhaps we simply do similar things in different ways.Athens was my second home in the whole trip where I stayed for 6+ days.It felt familiar , calling in the chaos that I left back home in India.

People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them

Istanbul in Turkey being next where I stayed longest(We'll talk about Turkey in detail in July - Its my favorite country and I am a little proud to explore it in depth - even learning pottery).For now,Athens was the movement that I needed.  The farther we run away from crowd,the nearer the crowd draws us .If your idea of vacation is finding yourself on an self-contained journey of solitude,it is the crowd that makes any city diverse and happening.

Athens:Hostels I Stayed

If you go through my first post,you would know how proud I was to stay at the hostel I chose to stay.I  stayed at Athens Backpackers and Studios in Acropolis for 2 days and City Circus Monastiraki for 4+ days.

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After a quick chat with my hostel mates,I went down for the breakfast. The breakfast spread at City Center is amazing.It was afternoon.I started walking towards the Acropolis.Acropolis was very near to the hostel.The compound of Acropolis is huge and there is a walk of around 20-25 minutes with eateries on both sides until you reach the ticket counter.

Ancient Agora is in the compound.The pity of the compound is such that the Juice shop next to the ticket counter will never have stocked mineral water.They would always say it's over and offer either a slush or a lemonade at higher rate.What comes to rescue though is the tap to drink water in the compound.

Let's Get Serious:What is Acropolis

Did we hear God and Goddess? 

 Acropolis comes from two Greek words - Acro meaning Edge and oPolis meaning City.Most cities in ancient Greek had their centre either on the rocks or the hills where temples were built where when there were attacks people would take refuge.So whenever in the world you speak of Acropolis,this one is so popular that Acropolis literally means the one in Greece

The Partheonon in the Acropolis was the temple built for Goddess Athena - the city’s matron diety.The Acropolis was also home to a number of other temples and sanctuaries and was the focus for the Athenian festival for Athena, the Panathenai.The Acropolis played host to festivals, cults and historically significant events during the peak of Athens’ power.Today it is Nations pride and was runner up in the 7 wonders of the world.

Acropolis:Currently Holds Festivals and Events

The signature feature of Acropolis are its columns,where the triangular structure above the columns depict two key scenes: the birth of Athena, and her fight with the sea god Poseidon for the name of the city.The archaeological evidence suggests that the small caves around the Acropolis rock and the Klepsythra spring were in use during the Neolithic Period.

Theater in Acropolis

Besides the fort and the palace of royal residence over the time period ,over the years with the involvement of not one king but a group of men called Aristocrats who moved to Agora and later the Administrative services moved to the the city the Acropolis later functioned as a place of worship for the Goddess of fertility and nature and for her companion male god Erechtheus.

Acropolis:The Never Ending Repair

For me,Free Entry as Journalist Blogger for TBEX
Generally,Tickets to Acropolis are 12 euros that includes all major monuments in Athens

 Small yellow wild flowers sprouted from the surface and the large Acropolis half in renovation stood strong.The aim of the decay which was the aim of the restoration project started in 1975 was to eradicate harm caused by pollution,misguided repair,destruction due to attacks by Venetians in the 17th century.Many locals claim that it has been slow work that they have been watching for quite a while. I wonder if it has got anything to do with the country's current financial condition.

 As and when I left the Acropolis,I saw my ticket had entry to various different sites,one that includes Ancient Agora.Agora was where the Aristrocrates moved with their administrative work.As I was partly getting bored I entered the campus.With a few clicks I decided to ask someone for direction.Just then,I met a guy who was from India.The guy who was equally lost as I was.Coincidently we were staying at the same hostel.I asked him how was it.He was disappointed with the state Acropolis was in.I wouldn’t say I was delightfully happy.Yes it was grand but yes,it was under repair. 

History generally is not my forte.. at Ancient Agora

 As I left Agora,I saw the viewing point.Tempted to what ‘This is my Athens’ representative had told me about that the views would be great,I decided to follow the General public.The view indeed was great of the opposite Lycabettus Hill.I wondered where was that! It didn’t look too far either. In the night from the rooftop of my hostel,the Acropolis was all lit up.I sipped onto Ouzo,thinking of the day that slowly was gone..Yes tomorrow was a happy day.You heard that hill right?That's where we climbed.

I ain't kidding,but we did hike up to the hill that you see ..

Temple of Zeus Olympia

The Temple of Zeus was a Greek temple dedicated to god Zeus.If you guys have watched the Disney animated movie Hercules, Hercules depicts the Temple of Zeus as the only communication Hercules has with his father while he is a mortal.

The temple's glory was short-lived, as it fell into disuse after being pillaged in a barbarian invasion in the 3rd century AD. It was probably never repaired and was reduced to ruins thereafter.

This would require you to take a metro to Acropolis Station and from there its a walk of about 10 minutes.I was familiar with this place because Athens Backpackers was in the same area.Interestingly I found an Indian restaurant right there near Temple of Zeus Olympia.Anywhere in the world you are,you would find something Indian.It ain't that difficult I say :)


  1. great collection of pictures and details.

  2. @Archana Chaurasia Kapoor: Thanks Archana :)

  3. Even with Greece being as swell as it is today, I still pray I was there. I’ve never been, except that this article made me feel like as if I had. Thanks Ankita for the marvelous pictures and a step-to-step informative guide. Indeed, you have become a total Greek Geek for this wonderful collection!

  4. 1st time visiting ur blog and loved the posts and pictures ... Keep moving :)

  5. @Sandeep:Thanks Sandeep.Major changes on my blog coming soon :) Do keep visiting and am so happy to hear you loved the stories.


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