Mykonos: Little Venice,Windmills And The Pelicans

5.28.2015 Míkonos, Greece

When one of the three resident Pellicans(Nikolos,Peter and Irene) strolled into one of the cafes at Little Venice ,Mykonos in a comfortable pace,I thought it was unusual.A little distant thought came into my mind on if the owner was oblivious and would soon sway it away.But the Pelican was for keeps,was that a pet I thought?

The waves splashed,the Pelican sweetly climbed two three stairs at entrance to the cafe entering into one of them at Little Venice

 Watch me as I take you 'To My Solo Backpacking Trip of Greece of Last Year Through This Video'

 It wasn't until I did a quick google search that I found that Pelican is the Mascot of Mykonos.

Pelicans as Celebrities and Mascot at Mykonos

As per legends,more than 40 years back,a fisherman found a wounded pelican.So moved was he by the Pelican’s pain that he decided to take care of him with medication.Once he was healed,he decided to set him free.But the Pelican chose to stay.Soon the Pelican became a celebrity,everyone’s favorite. And.And when he died in 1986,the whole Mykonos went into mourning.Thereafter two Pelicans were donated to Mykonos one named Irene and another Peter.The third one was rescued as he was injured,the Mykonites took care and named him Nicolas.So now Mykonos has three Pelicans and it’s no longer a surprise if you walk past any of these as it more home to them that the locals.It is we who would be termed odd one out.

                                                 Having solo quiet moments in Mykonos
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 Coming back to yesterday,the famous Windmills,also called Kato Milli was originally used to grind corn into floor which now is the major attraction of Mykonos.There are many windmills in Mykonos,you can read more about it here 

As I climbed the Terrace of my apartment,as suggested by Chamomile and Marietta I saw one of the most beautiful sunset by the windmills.She was right.Not every sunset is the same.

Sunset , Shoots and Donkeys at Kato Mili
I stayed at a barbie like Marietta's Apartment 

With lesser public transportation than Santorini,the whole of Mykonos can be best done by car.Many of the Alleyways inside are walk-able.The beaches though are a little far.Even though I was tired for the day,Marietta handed me the map and told me where to eat,where to get grocery,where to do what!

 I dozed off for a while,the turbulent sea had already made a bit nauseous which I usually don’t have.The map was simple ,looked to me like a piece of cake not line the usual snakes and ladders.I decided to take a long straight road.The road led me to quite a far place at around 10 pm,where all I could hear was my own voice.

The best part about these islands are they are completely safe,nothing of that sort where being followed will even occur in the back of your mind.It was a little cold , a little windy and I had my jackets on. I woke up with the view of the windmills again.Lucky was I that I was just put up right there in front of Kato Mili and the little venice.Today I woke up with a mild fever to accompany me.

10 is early for Mykonos in Winters

At the make-shift market along the harbour they were selling fresh produce of the day.I walked in the Alleyways.Almost got lost.

As one of the boats was being unhooked from the anchor,the sailor smiled.I smiled back.He looked at watch pointing to the time being early.10 wasn't early for me but the whole Mykonos was sleep.This was off-season.I visited the church brimming with colors and prayed for wellness and peace in family.Watched the deepness of sea,saw fishes swimming and one of the bicycles in the water,as clear as glass.If at all I had a rope to drag that bike out and take it around is what was running at the back of my head.

In today's era where friends break promises,strangers create new promises
out of business! But that's world.

 Mykonos sleeps in Winters,and gets up late. Walking along the little venice to the center,I had Archovies fry and the vine stuff leaves as my bruch.The Greek men flirted at the restaurants,one such telling me 'You are Indian ,beautiful,will you come to my restaurant.We catch the best fish.' By now Turkey had mastered me on how to neglect wooing,with a humble no thanks and a smile,I moved on.'Later Man,my stomach was full was what I said..You promised me was what he said'.I smiled.Walked away.

Fresh Anchovies Fry and Vine Leaves.Greece generally has good food.Like everywhere.

Then again,walking past,I went into the Alleyways,in the hoards of branded names of Gucci and Prada,Mykonos wasn't the very-little town with no-nothing I had thought it to be.In fact,it is said that most celebrities come here.Many of the Bollywood movies are shot here including song sequences of Chalte Chalte and Bang Bang.The vacationers are either honeymooners,or big shots,or celebrities or curious tourists like me.But as a matter of fact,saw barely solo travelers here!

Brands in Mykonos are Top Shot

It is a well known Tourist circuit that I was part of this time in the whole of Greece: Athens - Santorini - Mykonos with Mykonos being the smallest and the most posh of all. As I walked ahead,I saw a model randomly posing with the set of crew,with lights with shining boards and all set to film a commercial shoot.The svelte model in backless black gown and a perfectly white backgound made an appealing contrast.It was a regular day at Mykonos.

Little Venice - Oh so beautiful!

Buses do run,but cars a better option at Mykonos

 Many of the shops were closed,and many had written ‘Come again next Summer’. As a last add on to my enjoyment after walking around throughout the day,I decided to go to Super Paradise Beach.The buses run every hour from the bus station.The ticket collector came.The bus was small.I asked 'Is there a party on the beach or any activity?'Afterall Mykonos always is listed as one of the best party destination in the world. He said ‘No summer is when activities are,now its boring’,Do you still want to go?Boring and alone with a little hay fever and cold sounded to me like an aftermath.You need to rent a car or a quad bike for a comfortable ride in Mykonos. Not that you can’t backpack here,you surely can.The buses go every hour but a car would be more comfortable and there are many stunning beaches in Mykonos as to what I have heard.I wanted to party,the party was over,and I didn't feel like going all the way to take a picture for my blog and relax by taking a dip.

 There are 3 bus stations depending on where you want to go. Same with boats. Old port - Ag Stephanos OTE square - Kalafati, Elia, Ano Meria. Fabrika Sq - Ag. ioannis, Ornos, Psarou, Plati Gialos, Paradise. Don't think cost will bother you, a few euros. Maybe 2-4 euros depending on distance. I walked around the bus station.Entered a Chinese shop.Bargained a shoe for 5 euro which he finally refused to give.The souvenirs shops in Mykonos were expensive,even more expensive than Santorini.I bought some beauty products as they had all brands which I could never find in India. I moved on in full whole circle of Mykonos again reaching the Windmills.

Something in my heart said 'I must come here again' to explore Summer

These Little This And That at Mykonos

This time a donkey was there.And the same model now had moved to the windmills.I asked the owner,is this donkey part of commercial.He said ‘yes for the shoot’.I said can I take a pic with him.He willingly posed.I wished if I could have asked for a ride.If only,that wasn't part of commercials. Just then met a Pakistani.What started as a neighbor country chat which began with familiar tradition and culture and what he like and what he doesn't,and with caring words of If I needed any help,it started getting creepy after a while..when the shoulders were touched deliberately.I moved on giving a sharp look of my reluctance.

Yes when you travel,You have got to let go of morons and they are everywhere.Some come as surprise package or with the logic of familiar place.

The beauty of travel is you have to 'move on' more often than you realize.

 Life is too short for ‘pauses’ such as ‘these’ is a lesson I have learnt travelling. Just then I spotted a lady with her hubby who was vomiting constantly in the ferry.We exchanged a smile.Are you ok?I asked.She noded.I felt relief.Even though we weren't connected by any chance.Just another encounter or two :)

It is these simple pleasure of travel that gives it a flavor no one else will tell you.Travel is not about ‘just being brave’ its also about taking such situations in hand,at times.All countries are safe/unsafe on how you take it. Some people are trustworthy.Some worth moving on. I sometimes wonder if I am really so pretty or is it something else that make them stop.As I was wrapping up my selfie last shot with an ‘Om’ printed flowery sarong,a Greek gentleman complimented me on my Tanned skin colour and how perfect I looked and how easy going my style was as an Indian.He stood there for a moment making me conscious.I pretended to adjust the settings of my camera.He wanted to initiate a talk,I said ‘Sorry,I am busy,you see I came here for work’.And that made him give me space.. 

Yes,life goes on.

 As soon as I came back after a wholesome dinner,Marietta asked me ‘Did you go to the beach,today was hotter than yesterday’ I said ‘Nah’ somehow,I was more interested in stories that felt more in place than the place itself.

Chamomile has had her own personal reasons to be at Mykonos!

The story Chamomile told me on how her home in far away Europe was colder; with cigarrete(smoke) in one hand and smile on another as we both sat on the terrace,then walking and watching the Pelican go up down,chatting with Donkey owners or getting lost in Alleys.Tick marking the beaches was never my agenda after all I must come here again to party! Slow travel is a winner hands down. My stay at Mykonos was just a day and my flight was in the morning .Marietta and I exchanged hugs again…

This time at the airport there was a father-son Indian duo who were surprised at my non-interest in going to the beaches.They confidently said we rented a car,did you know,the beaches had visibility ranging miles.They are the most beautiful thing to see here.For me,the most beautiful thing was the feeling of being there,I felt time isn't running out,and if luck will have it... I shall be there again,partying hard on the beaches when the shops are open when the summers are wild And when stories such as these would be part of memory.. And then we will talk about the beaches.


  1. Oh my, I loved this ! Beautiful write up and the place seems to be even more beautiful. ( Am a fan of solo travel :) )

  2. Loved reading about your experience, the wonderfulness and else. I agree with you about the feeling of 'being there'.

    Those ancient windmills are awesome. I wonder what they power now? Do they still grind corn?

  3. @Param:Yeaah I completely felt that I should have spent time here more than tickmarking the beaches.It was a very relaxed place :) where people would generally talk talk talk !

    No they don't grind corn now,seems like the industry declined in 19th century.You can get more info here

  4. @Shruti Shah:Then you'd love Greece.Its too easy and affordable a place to backpack :) Thank you thank you nice to know you liked it

  5. Beautifully took me to a dreamland! On my dream destinations list this!


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