#ItsPersonal :When Sita Went Shopping On Myntra App


Hungry for the mythology that are hidden beyond the realms of created characters, fictional or real, it now seems like a metaphor of a former part of years gone by. Centuries back, when technology was nonexistent or may be it existed in the form of hi-speed arrows that went from one end to another or to win the heart of a princess; we are told to believe that in yesterday’s world the evil and the good fought with one another, with good blissfully regaining the war coupled with sacrifices.

 For example, if you look at Ramayana. When the erstwhile princess Sita walks on the terrace and falls in love with God Rama, followed by Swayamwar by King Janaka, it was Rama who lifted the bow to get married. Fast forward, all Sita needed was a tweet for the desirable groom

 #SitaKaSwayamwar Take a ‘BOW’ Selfie and you can win me for life.RT for better chances @Myntra #ItsPersonal 

 That handle would have gone so viral that she wouldn't have had to pass the complexity her married life had to go through in reality. And with such Tweet would have cart full of ’Bows’ from Myntra ordered. Of course, since the suitors wouldn't have had so much time to go to the shops, all they needed was an APP installed to order, a BOW selfie and a ravishing gal won. But pity that in those times, BOWS meant real arrow and bows and not the bows with the ties.

@Myntra #ItsPersonal Bows for #SitaKaSwayamwar

 When Dashratha banished Rama to a forest exile for 14 years and Sita willingly was adamant as a dutiful wife,more than what the Mythology states as, she needed a comfortable pair of shoes. The itchy feet may have had been wicked feet in 14 years. For when she states that she would give up her luxury for happy and peaceful moments with her beau wandering in the Jungles of Panchvati Forest, a backpack was what both needed and Shrugs and Jackets that would keep them warm. Had it been today, Sita would have enjoyed her vacation and so she wouldn't have had been attracted to Mareecha, the Golden Deer. You’d ask me why?

Sita with her best shoes @Myntra at Panchvati Forests #ItsPersonal

 All she needed was to use Myntra App for her and her beau personal needs, convenient just from her mobile .As if their own personal assistant is talking while they are happy vacationing.

Matching Backpacks for Sita(Top Above) and Ram(Top Below) from @Myntra #ItsPersonal

 A simple click at this link was her magic at the forest:


 But then, devoid of such technology, Sita got bored with routine at home and laid her eyes on the Golden Deer. To her that poor thing was hope. Charmed by it, she requests Rama to catch it and when the deer shouted in pain, Lakshmana on request by Sita had to break Rama’s promise and went to find him making a Lakshman Rekha for Sita’s protection. Then comes Ravana as Sadhu and takes her away on an Ariel Adventure.

 Rama: #SitaMissing #ItsPersonal
 I tried but couldn't save.I bored her to flee.Should have given her pepper spray or My Myntra Login Password (sic)

 In one year of Captivity, Ravana kept Sita entertained with her favorite apparels/beauty products from Myntra. She had no reason to complain.

 Ravana in the meantime kept expressing her love for her, but Sita refused all the advances towards her. Then one fine day, a tweet popped up that shook the whole online world.

How Sita Kept Herself Entertained @Myntra #ItsPersonal

 Ravana:In love with Sita,Sita looks happy but is shy to confess.

 And then the series of ‘doubts’ began

 Ram:Are you sure?You are talking about my #SitaMissing #ItsPersonal
 Ravana:Who else do you think it could be(loser)
 Ram:So,you did manage to win her heart(eh) #ItsPersonal
 Ravana:If you could understand what her heart desired! #ItsPersonal

 Meanwhile Ram meets Hanuman to track his Sita gone missing. With the help of Hanuman’s technology of location locater and navigator and with the help of simulator, Hanuman is transported into maze of technology that made Sita stop playing Candy Crush and take notice. Sita gives her Chudamani recently bought from Myntra to Hanuman and asks him to give it to Ram. Thereby flies Hanuman,with his tail burnt but still alive reaches with the message. In fact, this could have been made simpler with the easy ‘return policy’ to a different location.

 Rama built the Setu and then the war is fought between who’s got more Myntra Credits to woo Sita.The terrible long and violent war of points which led to one purchase after another, led to victory of Ram who has had been saving from his Forest Days.

Ram:#SitaMissing Found my wife,finally #ItsPersonal
Sita:Happy but all my best orders from @Myntra were confiscated(sic).
Ram(Fuming):Did you wish to keep them?
Sita:Of course,after all I am a girl #ItsPersonal
Ram:Cleanse yourself in the trial of fire and rip apart your desires

 If at all,if the bow was the bow with the tie, she would have had got the best suitor (yes because that chap would have had been a huge Myntra fan like me).If at all technology was existent, she would have had all her besties to herself.

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