#EveryWishFulfilled with Flipkart: When WishMaster Got Stephi Doll


The world has become easier with Flipkart. Not so long ago, I would have thought it as impossible, today I know it can very much be done. Thanks to the Wish masters! You know what I am talking about right?

 Watch this heart touching film above that sweetly voices the excitement of a small girl has for her birthday gift, what it is selected by her dad was incorrect and how the mom tells her story of wish master who gets it delivered is touching. Almost like an animated movie that resembles our own life. So sweet is this video, that I can watch it again and again…

 Let me tell you those magic wrapping papers still have me on nerves. And I still with all the 'open eyes' love the anticipation of 'what might be inside'. After all, special occasion come every year. And that is the day we are told the wishes are fulfilled. From Dolls to now Cameras. And every time a gift is missed, I feel like that very sweet child in the TVC who rebels and states her sacrifices and demands on why why why! Me ! Hell yes,we all love gifts.

There is nothing as pure in this world as the love of a mother. Today, miles away, as I miss my mother and remember her vividly, I realize I had in the journey of 19 hours to USA almost forgot my yearly gift to my mom that made her happy every Mothers Day.

 Even though now belated, can I in any way voice my gratitude towards her, sitting here right at my apartment in US as quick as possible. We have shared our lives so happily that many call us sisters. The gift each year were either a handmade card or a dress or a nail paint in pop colors. Something that'll make her look young to wash away those wrinkles. Always, in my heart and my mind, she remains the one that in my sad times stood firm and supportive and in my happy times playful. Can she be adventurous? Can she cope up with new times? What if I gift her the inspiration to be 'her' all over again.

Special occasions demand the emotion that Flipkart delivers. And sometimes what is not special is made special with the super quick delivery. Even if that means buying a shampoo that make you run errands to Kirana store if you can get it delivered right here on your couch while you think if ordering online indeed was a correct decision gives immense happiness. Special occasions add extra sparkle. Imagine someone being on door 'with the gift'! It's almost like your own personalized wish man has arrived.

 As every special occasion is celebrated #EveryWishFulfilled that is.

So with my list of 6 wishes, I plan to surprise my Mom who has been waiting for the gift or may be has forgotten but I know this one will bring a smile on her face.

 1)We all know anything handmade cannot be replaced. But what can be replaced easily is 'words that speak'. This apron,every day every time will remind my mom 'how's she the best' or 'the best of all' when she cooks.

                                                   World's Best Mom Apron At Flipkart

 2)We are a family of 4 and every time we plan to camp, our tent that accommodates 2 become like a struggle. So much so that, It was when we four were camping in Rann squeezing in literally making it sound cool,I almost heard my mom 'wish the tent was bigger'.So today, her wish is my desire. This ones a perfect with the front exterior and two rooms.

                                            My Family Tent With Two Rooms at Flipkart

3)Don't ask me why would I give her this. We all know how girlies love their soft toys. And when girls become mothers,they put them on their rack as showpiece. The emotion remains. Parting with a soft toy is like parting with a real person. So today, this cute little soft toy of one elephant with two babies caught my attention. So much did I love them, that I have already told mom to create space in her rack

                                The Super Cute Tickles Elephant with two babies at Flipkart

4)With age, comes ailment. For last year and a half, my mom has been suffering with shoulder pain. Carrying heavy for her is barely no no. As the society changes she has started wearing jeans/trousers/pants and when we travel her purse looks like an extra baggage. How about replacing it with a cool carefree lightweight sling bag! Is mom listening?

                                                      Cool Carefree Sling Bag at Flipkart

 5)The sun where we live is sharp and I have been watching my mom with those old sunglasses for years. I wonder if she has an emotional attachment to it, but it looks worn out. I would love to gift her,these aviators that are cool and aren't harmful to eyes. Yes my mom's making a fashion statement

 6)Last but not the least,I wish the quickest delivery possible by Flipkart for the above wishes.

Sometimes feelings are priceless and occasion a matter of sharing happiness. The happiness Wish man of Flipkart now carries.

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