Why we fell in love with India [video] By WorldlyNomads


We’re Barry & Laura, two ‘9 to 5’ escapees who love travelling the world and writing about our adventures on our blog www.WorldlyNomads.com! Photography and videography are our passions so we created this video of our first (and hopefully not last!) incredible trip to India.

We love so much about this fascinating country and hope this video captures the vibrancy, enthusiasm and unending spirit that we felt when we visited.

Misconceptions about India 

 Similar to many people who haven’t visited India before, we had some misconceptions and a little nervousness about going to India for the first time, mainly due to the way it's portrayed by the media. We were nervous about getting sick after our first meal, being intensely stared at, feeling unsafe and general culture shock. However all of these preconceived worries quickly melted away almost as soon as we arrived and were welcomed by our first lovely home stay family in Cochin, Kerala. Our nerves quickly changed to excitement and as the weeks passed, we realized our preconceptions truly were misconceptions.

Of course this doesn't mean that we weren't careful and sensible whilst travelling around India, applying the same safety tactics that we use wherever we travel to. For example we avoid being out late at night as much as possible or drinking too much and in casual Indian restaurants, we mostly stuck to vegetarian options to avoid sickness, which worked! Not only did we feel safe by using these safety tactics, we also found that as with all of our travels to date, the vast majority of people were very welcoming and friendly, and genuinely wanted us to have a great experience of the country they love. In fact many people went out of their way to help us, including one amazing guesthouse owner who very kindly drove us 3 hours to our next destination when our taxi didn't show up!

We had so many positive experiences in India (and can hardly think of any negative ones!) so we would encourage anyone holding similar misconceptions to put them aside and instead brace themselves for an enlightening and amazing adventure!

Planning our trip

 We’ve learned through our travels that we get the most enjoyment and enrichment from experiences, rather than visiting particular sights and landmarks (with the greatest exception to this being the TajMahal however which was wonderful to witness!), so as usual we planned our trip around experiences and adventures. There are so many to choose from in India, making it a little tricky to choose however we managed to narrow our list down to the following…none of which disappointed!

Our top Indian experiences!

  • Cruising peacefully around the beautiful backwaters of Kerala on a private houseboat
  • Joining the locals to celebrate the colorful festival of Holi in Rajasthan
  • Spending the night sleeping under the stars on the sand dunes of Jaisalmer desert next to our camels and hosts
  • Touring the amazing forts, palaces and old cities of Rajasthan, the land of Kings!
  • Watching the sunrise over the TajMahal
  • Enjoying lots of delicious tea in the home of tea plantations in Darjeeling (with a view of the Himalayas)!
  • Relaxing on Varkala beach on the south west coast
  • And finally, trying and loving so many delicious curries and foods!

Our route

 In order to fit all of these experiences in, we decided to start in the south state of Kerala for the relaxing backwaters and beautiful beaches, then headed North to the ‘Land of Kings’ of Rajasthan, followed by East to take in the TajMahal in Agra then the Ganges of Varanasi and finally the tea plantations and Himalayan views in Darjeeling! Sounds like quite a lot doesn't it? It was but we managed to avoid making it too fast and hectic by ensuring we spent a minimum of 3-4 days in each place (sometimes longer!) so it was very manageable and worthwhile covering so much ground for all these experiences.

 If you would like to read more about our specific experiences and highlights, click here

 For us, India is a magical place full of energy and inspiration. It’s intense, exciting and most definitely captures the heart all at once. We experienced highs and challenges and would highly recommend this adventure to all travel enthusiasts!


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  2. Nice post about Rajasthan. probably loved it. Rajasthan is my hometown and i love someone represent it as you did on your post. Thanks

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