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Can Death be celebrated?Mexico of all surprises me.When I asked my hubby on his thoughts on why Skull is used widely in Mexico his opinion was may be that has got to do something with the Mafias that may represent Danger.Howsoever I tried to grasp his theory something in me failed and so I asked a Mexican Vendor who explained it all to me.Oh yes watch my video to know more about Mexican Fiesta Milwaukee Live:

 'We celebrate the day of the dead on November 2nd(Día de Muertos) .During the day of the dead,we visit the grave site of the family of the deceased,decorate graves,offer food and sing and eat.Many set alters in their home and events and celebrations are done.Drinks are placed in alter to quench the thirst of their dead after their journey back home.Salt,Marigold,Sugar Skulls and Burning Copal is offered.It is believed that during this time,the departed souls have permission to visit their loved ones and relatives and enjoy the simple pleasures of life again.The rituals are colorful and joyous.Families prepare for a year for this much awaited festival.The skulls are called Calaveras and that’s common symbol of the holiday of November 2. '

The Calaveras on treat.This is how!

I remember Sankara(the travel blogger) telling me something similar for one of the Asian cities,well turns out that this tradition is not as rare as I thought it was.It's celebrated in Brazil, in some Asian and African places and even in parts of Europe including France and Spain.

The fridge magnets that I got. Ain't they cute?

 The next thing which we all know worldwide and often crave for in different countries is Mexican Food.Don’t we?From Gaucamole to Tortas to Tacos to the Mexican Sauces that are incredibly hot,Mexican food is irresistible. Initially Spanish,the present day Mexican is a mix of Spanish,Asian and African influences and basic elements are corn beans and chili pepper.No wonder Chipotle and Tacobell is so famous. And of course Tequila.Tequila is made from blue Agave plant that has fields in Mexico.

The Spiced up Frituras - with the Hot Sauce called Valentina was awesome!
If you live in US,you can get that in El Rey Stores(A secret I asked one of the vendor)

1 Pollo Chicken @ Mexican Fiesta

 Mexican Fiesta 2015 celebrated in Milwaukee America was one of the best festivals that Milwaukee had to offer this summer.It remains one of my favorite of all the cultural festival of different countries in Milwaukee for one reason- After spending 6 hours,I was still looking for more.I stopped counting dollars I spend after the souvenirs I collected there - even though small.From skull fridge magnets($5) to Earrings($3) to cowboy hats($10) to the gifts for my loved ones,everything was literally dipped in colors.

Shot glasses.

I could have gotten a packet full of souvenirs from here..

And colorful hats!

I loved her traditional Mexican Dress.To know more about Mexican Dress click here

 The cowboy hats has deep roots tracing back to Spain.The type of brim of the hat and the bend represent the winner,the boss,the pro,the rodeo,the all rounder.

 The effort they had put in Mexican Fiesta was applaudable.The parade and dance performances took me back to my trip to Spain,which was by the way similar though Mexico I felt was more culturally diverse.

The Parade

And the dance

That makes me think why I haven’t been to Mexico yet.

 Watching the Mexicans play the present game of Ulama where the aim is to keep the ball in play took us back to centuries when Masoamerican ballgame was played as part of ritual offering human sacrifice.According to Maya civilization,the ball court becomes the place of transition between life and death. Didn't  I tell you we enjoyed!

That cute earring!

Michelada is popular Mexican cocktail

Tequila Rack Bar

And the rides

I must look like royal wearing these..

With the pinch of salt and lime,see ya with next blogpost
On America's Dairyland,Wisconsin :)


  1. Wow ! I am leaving for US in about 15 days, looks like it is going be interesting out there .. Nice to see that you guys are having a great time :)

  2. Reminded me of Bond movie .... " You Only Live Twice".... they had similar rituals in some remote Caribbean island but these are fun :)

  3. @Puru:Wow Puru thats awesome to hear.Lets catch up if you are coming this side.Which places do you have in mind?Coming for work or travel?

  4. Very interesting to read. Lovely pictures!!

  5. @Prasad:Is it?I'll have to watch the movie to know more about it.Thanks for telling me :) I wish I get a chance to see it live somewhere...

  6. I like your article showing the funny pictures all. It is interesting adventure to Mexico and will plan to visit this country.
    Best all

  7. Wow that seems like so much fun! Lovely to get a feel of a country in a different one all together!

  8. ohhh such colorful photos! I feel like taking the next flight into Mexico seeing them!

  9. Such colorful photos! I feel like taking the next flight into Mexico just seeing them!!

  10. @Chaitali:Yeah Chaitali that's true but imagine how the real Mexico would be if this is so fun right here in America

  11. @Richa:Oh gal,same here.I just feel like going to Mexico right now!

  12. Great Information .look forward to visit this place next summer


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