Wisconsin State Fair 2015:Milwaukee,PhotoEssay


Sea Lions at Wisconsin State Fair
balancing balls,shooting hoops and performing handstands
I love the way they understood everything or may be their training was so good :)
They even danced to songs!
-The only travelling Sea Lion Show in the US(Watch my vlog above for the highlights of the fair)

In a suburb of Milwaukee,called West Allis,Wisconsin State Fair was an annual Event also nominated as top 10 state fair in the country and that's where we were today.Now well,I always wanted to go deep down into culture of United States and there’s no better place than Wisconsin that took me deep into the roots beginning with Dairy that’s part of our life everyday.Wisconsin is America's Dairyland. Wisconsin is famous for milk,cheese and milk products.If you haven’t heard of Cheese Curd and Cream puff we blindly adore,you may be somewhere else because Wisconsin is so undeniably good with Milk,Cream and Cheese(more than 600+ varieties by Wisconsin Cheesemakers). 

To know more my previous post on US:Click here

These cows were huge!

Wisconsin is no 1 cheese producing state in the country,with 25% of US total annual production

The Cattle Barn called Wisconsin House of Moo

Dairy has a greater impact on Wisconsin's economy and their way of life than any other product.Dairy Industry create local jobs,fund public services,preserve the countryside and keep communities strong.In the last world championship of Cheese contest,out of 90 categories Wisconsin won 33 gold medals and many of them were displayed in their stalls.99 percent of Wisconsin farms are family owned.

Did you know that the real lemonades are so much much better?That Pizzas can come in Cones? Today,we are peeking into barns and eating all stuff Dairy and non-dairy at Wisconsin State Fair.We also watch the Sea Lion shows and walk around the Fair.

The Fair Ground was huge and there we so many activities and food that it took us the whole day to venture many aspects.Get a glimpse of the ground with the Skyrider first that provides the top view.

For those willing to be part of State Fair Next Year,Reserve a whole day and arrive early ! This fair is a must.The ticket of entry was for $12.

Coconuty art

Try that at home :)

Himalayan Salt Lamps are used for treating Allergies,Sinus,Migraines etc

Hot Dogs!

25 cents shakes

We got 4 flavors including chocolate...

The lanes that divided the sections

The Colorful Fire

Dog Sport - A Dog Finding A Hidden Object in the hay by smell.

Livestock Competitions

Sheep need to be sheared at least once a year.Shearing means to remove the wool by cutting,just like when people get a haircut.The wool that is cut off is washed to remove dirt,insects and straw that may have stuck to the wool.The cleaned wool is then dyed to color and combed.

A Giant Tractor

Fancy Caramel Apples To Eat

And Cakes

The Lemonade was fresh and juicy

The Original Cream Puff sold at the fair since 1924

Ha ha! You know why husband's need it.Do you?

Pizza Cones..

I liked the idea of army information desk at the fair at Go Army
They were also registering names.

Giant Slide

Horse Merry Go Round @ Wisconsin State Fair

                                 Spotted Cow Beer :) @Wisconsin State Fair by Meijer

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