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There are two types of Chilis in US - The Texas Chili and The Cincinnati Chili and both are different from each other.As my cousin had his first bite at Skyline Chili,I couldn’t stop resisting myself from the oodles of Cheese sprinkled on my Chili.

When in Cincinnati:Grab your Chili from Skyline

Now Chili is a Mediterranean spiced Meat Sauce used as a topping on Spagetti.Cincinnati is a popular hub for Chilis.They are so popular here that they have around 180 Chili parlors. The ingredients include beef,tomato,cinnamon,other Mediterranean spices and sometimes chocolate in a soup like consistency.While Texas Chili is more like Beef Stew.So when in Cincinnati,start your humble day with a bite of Chili.Always.It tastes good.

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When in Cincinnati:Enjoy Outdoor Encounter of Animals at the Zoo

Wearing Haute Curry from Shoppers Stop at Cincinnati Zoo.
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 After you are done with Chilis,your trip to Cincinnati would be incomplete without a visit to Cincinnati Zoo.Cincinnati Zoo is an open themed zoo where most of the animals aren’t caged,instead they are kept in open surrounded enclosures.It’s the second oldest zoo in US and the outdoor exhibits makes one feel good.The entry ticket is $18.

Lesser Kudu: This animal can easily camouflage due to its color.

Ah! Depressed after the breakup is it?

That's how water containment with marine animals are cleaned.

The zoo is very well kept and very neatly designed with themes.The zoo is huge and takes almost a day to watch the animals.Programs of Animal Encounters where you can feed the Giraffe or interact with Flamingos or watch certain shows of animals and birds happens everyday.In the middle of the zoo you could take a train that takes you around.It’s a complete family gateway.

The Cincinnati Zoo was the home of Martha, the last living passenger pigeon, which died there in 1914.

 Watch the short video below for my ‘Day with the animals and the marine animals’ at zoo and aquarium:

When in Cincinnati:Enjoy Marine Animals at Newport Aquarium

The Blind Cavefish - notice no eyes

 Newport Aquarium is another highlight of Cincinnati where many fishes and sharks and marine animals are on display.There are 5 underwater tunnels in the Aquarium which makes it a great walk inside.You could also have Penguin Experience or Backstage marine animal experience here.You could also walk on the Shark Bridge with Sharks Beneath or you could also touch the shark with a proper two finger touch.The admission ticket is $23.At places where they insist on clicking pictures of yours with their cameras,be aware that that comes at a cost at the end if you want to take them

Shark Tank Overlook - Country's largest open air Tank displays with Shark Bridge - An easy walk
Don't drop anything while walking on bridge - if you do so..there's barely any chance of retrieval.

.If you love seafood,Do not forget to eat at Mitchell's Fish Market next to Aquarium.We tried some and the seafood was amazing.

When in Cincinnati:Head out to Jungle Jims

 At the end,we went to Jungle Jims International Market,a one of its kind grocery store,where the store itself is a destination.There are sections of each country(Asian,European,etc) including India and its huge.You get everything you needed.In addition to all the grocery items, you’ll find store tours, food demonstrations and lots of fun and attractions for the whole family.

 Tomorrow we’ll see how Fireworks are celebrated in some parts of US and hike in the nature reserve.Till then tada!


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