Guide To Andaman Islands:4 Days


Andamans on our anniversary,2010

Back then,we were backpackers.Andamans,hence to us happened 5 years back.Out of no where.On our anniversary,unplanned.As we spent our night laughing out on the beach lounge chair in front of our cottage in Port Blair in the sweet hum of waves crashing ahead of us,we lost track of time and passed out as quick on shots of Tequila.In the middle of the night I woke up to find myself walking in knee deep water with dogs barking! It seems that water recedes during the day and almost rushes into shoreline during the night. 

                                  Welcome to Andamans,where India has its best beaches
                              is now easily accessible from Bangalore by#AndamansCharter

 Andamans is an archipelago of islands bursting with colorful marine life,coral reefs and beautiful beaches.To explore beaches,you need to venture out of Port Blair by Ferries.The islands that surround are Ross Island,Neil Island,Havelock Island,Viper Island.Havelock being one of the most picturesque beach location.

How many of you thought it as Thailand or Seychelles?

 Reaching Andamans 

I remember since all was impromptu we had just booked our tickets from Makemytrip from Chennai as there were no direct flights from Bangalore.How we wished it was direct. To those who are planning now there are some good news,make my trip has some great packages including a charter from Bangalore.

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What To Do in Port Blair 

Cottages with the beach view are the best bet!

 Port Blair is the capital of Andamans.Port Blair doesn’t have great beaches but the very famous Sound and Light show of Cellular Jail(closed Monday) that takes you to stories of the prisoners of Indian Freedom Struggle and of severe hardship and pain to them by the British Officers.Many freedom fighters were jailed there.Cellular Jail is also known as Kala Pani.The entry ticket was Rs 5.You could buy shell made items from Aberdeen Bazaar in Port Blair.

 Trip Tip: Rent a cycle and Cycle Around.We found that many foreigners who had come to Port Blair were cycling around the lush green small roads of Port Blair.

At Viper Island

North Bay Island for great corals.

 Port Blair Gateway:Ross Island 10 Minutes by speedboat from Port Blair is Ross Island,which used to be administrative headquarters of Port Blair.An earthquake occurred that destroyed almost everything and now what we see are remnants of yesteryears buildings.

 The Makruzz 

 The Makruzz is a cruise that runs between Port Blair - Neil Island - Havelock.We took that cruise.The cruise liner was very smooth sailing and comfortable.The tickets were priced around Rs 975.There were snacks on board to purchase.As we reached the Neil Island,we took a glass boat tour to view the corals.They were great to look at.We have lost most of the pictures sadly from the trip,but few remain.

 What To Do in Havelock:Relax or Scuba 

Corals from the Glass Boat Tour

 Radhanagar beach and Elephanta beach are two of the beaches in Havelock.Listed in many as one of Asia’s most beautiful beach,the water at Radhanagar is shallow for quite a mile and you could walk or relax.You can also shop at the flea market of Radhanagar for hats and other beach stuff.The sunset at Radhanagar is breathtaking.

Elephanta beach is another beach in Havelock and the best part about it is you could see the broken trees as the result of Tsunami which happened,and most of it,is still the way the disaster must have caused it to be,making it look like carefully placed yet dropped and bent trees.

Many folks go to Havelock primarily to Scuba.Barefoot Scuba provides Scuba Training and facilities in Havelock.With transparent blue waters and great visibility,Andamans is one of the best places to Scuba dive in India.The Best Season for diving in Andaman is Feb and Mar as this is the season when seas are calmer and gives greater visibility.You can Dive with Rajan the Elephant ( only from Jan - April) Only certified diver can dive with Rajan and Rajan can go diving/ snorkeling from Jan to April as this is the period when the sea conditions are flat and comfortable for Rajan to dive.

Underwater Sea walk can also be done in Havelock which is carried by Sea Link Adventure 

Amazing Sunset:Havelock

Havelock and Back 

 The government Ferry runs twice a day from Havelock to Port blair one leaving at 9:00 am and another at 4:30 pm.The cost for the ferry is Rs 650. We remember we were so caught up in catching up places in Havelock that we almost missed the ferry as the gates were closed and there was a certain rush.We had our tickets but they wouldn’t allow late.So we pleaded,we rushed up,threw our bags in,and jumped into slowly moving ferry when the captain gave his hand.Most of the time,we took refuge on the top open air deck.We kept our bags made it like pillows and watched the endless horizon of sea.We may have been more adventurous then.Also the ferry timing was such that if we had missed,the flights would have had been missed the next morning.Make a day extra in Port Blair after you have arrived from Havelock.


  1. nice. I will probably go there in 2016

    1. Wow Shrinidhi.I heard a lot has changed in Andamans in 2010 :) Have fun!

  2. This the best blog I've come across in a really long time. Written straight from the heart ad the pictures are amazing too. Would love to read more.
    Also it would be great if you visit , a cultural magazine which intends to collect information on unique and niche subjects.

  3. awesome trip to Andaman Insland Anki You are such a great. and thank you so much for this information and Pics

  4. Lovely pictures.
    It is a wonderful place and I feel every Indian should visit once, as there is lot of history attached to Andamans.


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