My Durango Narrow Gauge Railroad Train Experience


Heritage Train Journeys are always one of a kind. Durango Train scenic ride takes you alongside the river gorge of the Animas River that flows parallel and mountains in the interiors of San Juan National Forests, said to be inaccessible by public transportation and hence virgin. It's story goes back to those times when gold and silver mine ores were hauled. Later it was used to transport Uranium during World War II, and it also got popular with Hollywood where few scenes were shot. 

To us, on our visit, during this past fall, gave us colors to play from nature that definitely will make a great watercolor painting to get inspired from - the chuck of the steam train getting into the forests with blue-hued river smiling at us was nothing short of extraordinary. Durango Train Ride is a must do!

Just a quick rewind into where we had started. Last we talked about leaving Ouray. En route our road trip from Ouray to Rockwood Station in Durango via Silverton's Million Dollar Highway, we made several pitstops - whether they were to catch a glimpse of the waterfall next to the highway or to get awed by the bed of bright yellow flowers in the Valley.

Our reservation with the train was for a 12:15 pm departure and we had booked our tickets online. 

There were two options to choose from - either we take the vintage coach or we take the open-air gondola. We rightly opted for the open-air gondola because it provided a great panoramic view.

These trains also run during winters and are called Casacade Canyon winter train. The glory of watching the snow on the cliffs, the frozen Animas river and the crisp air must be something else from the train.   

What to expect at the Rockwood Station?

Usually trains run from Durango to Silverton, but during Covid, it is running between Rockwood to Silverton. The ride to-fro is 2 hours. 

The Rockwood station has temporary setups such as a food truck, vault toilets, and a tent shed where information was being shared and the music was being played during our wait times.
At the information center, when you show them your tickets, they tell you your coach number.
The previous batch of passengers was disembarking during our visit. It is surprising to see the exit of cars running parallel to the train tracks.

The Train Experience

Masks needed to be worn at all times inside the train. The conductor comes and checks it.
Whichever side of the train you choose to sit on, you will get the view. The riverside is definitely more gorgeous, which would first be on your right and then on your left along the first leg of your journey, and then reverse, hence giving viewing angles to both sides of the passengers. 

So, let's quickly take you to the ride:


  1. Wow! The Narrow Gauge Railroad is very scary but the travel is worth-it if you can see this beautiful scenery in the way. Thanks for sharing this post, would love to travel again someday. Stay safe always!

  2. love your blogs,
    Keep uploading more.
    Good luck cheers!

  3. To be honest, I have never heard of Durango Train before, but it looks stunning! I am definitely putting it on my "to do" travel list. Thanks!

  4. This is amazing, thanks for the share.

  5. Wow what a pleasant area while travelling on the train.
    The Durango area looks beautiful and must be very silent deep.
    The railway looks so old but had been maintained.

  6. Woow after I read all the article about your experience I am sure you really like the adventure

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