My Pagosa Hot Springs Experience | A day affair into divinity

5.29.2021 323 Hot Springs Blvd, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147, USA

Nothing beats feeling liberated in the alluring hot springs of Pagosa for a few hours of nirvana. The name 'Pagosa' comes from the Ute word for "healing waters." There are 25 pools in the Springs, each with its personality. Pagosa also claims to have the world's deepest known Geothermal Hot springs. The Mother Spring aquifer, at over 1002 feet deep, has been certified as "The World's Deepest" by Guinness World Records.

It was also my first encounter with a clothing-optional hot spring at The Healing Waters Resort and Spa, where I overcame my uneasiness about going the full monty. 

Pagosa is genuinely unique in that it provides us with hot springs of varying temperatures. Spending a day here is very easy for hot water lovers, and the sulfur-rich content of the water makes your skin smooth, despite the pungent smell.

The History

I often wonder if Hot Springs at Pagosa was formed or framed and how it was before any of the major resorts existed. Did the locals then visit these pools of water to purify and heal them before delving into a more business-like structure that was systematic and convenient for fussy travelers like us? According to history, it was once popular with Native Americans before becoming a white settlement in the 1800s. 

As I dipped my two feet into the San Juan River, my curiosity got even stronger. The small black pebbles in the riverbed made me wonder if the hot springs and volcanoes were linked. The springs' hot water comes from cracks that allow it to rise from more than 6000 feet beneath the earth's surface, warmed by excess heat from the area's volcanic activity.
The Springs @ Pagosa

This modest yet famous bathhouse is nestled along the picturesque San Juan river bank and worth visiting. Pagosa Springs has a laid-back atmosphere, and it's easy to see why. Nothing beats romancing the waters, which are very calming to both the soul and the skin. I could lay here for hours and yet have a childlike delight in exploring the many bath pools.

The Springs is popular with both locals and tourists, so the line that formed outside the Springs as soon as it opened was not unexpected. Your food and drink are not permitted inside, but the resort staff can carry refreshments to your pool.

Entry Ticket: $49 per adult
Open to Public: 9am - 10pm

1. As soon as you walk in, you'll want to dip your toes in all of the pools. Then, over time, the fact that there are so many people and so few entries in each will begin to overwhelm you. 

2. I would suggest reading the temperature of each pool and grabbing hold of it if it hasn't reached capacity (on average six people) or is empty. Also, make sure to pick up your towels or rent them from the gift shop.

3. Temperatures ranging from 90 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit are relatively tolerable and warm on our bodies. Anything above 100 degrees Fahrenheit can become dangerously hot, even burning the skin or causing rashes. Anything less than 90 degrees Fahrenheit is considered lukewarm.

4. We were lucky to find our pool to call our own. It was lukewarm at 88 and had slipped many people's minds. It was near the river's banks, with water flowing out and in. On the sides of our pool, there was a small streamlet.

5. I was one of those who, like many others, jumped at the chance to find another lone pool, only to be disappointed when I dipped my feet in because it was too hot to bear even for seconds. I even went in one of the river's hottest pools(113 degrees). Oh, no! My feet turned red, but those few moments taught me how temperatures could vary within a few meters. 

I was also relieved that all of the other pools had a flat floor underneath because, while rolling your feet on the hot volcanic stones may appear to be nature's way of doing it, your feet may squirm on the touch if it's too hot. 

6. Then, as the crowd thinned out by mid-afternoon, we hopped around different pools and got to see most of them. The pools along the sulphuric walls on the river banks, in my opinion, are scenic and have relatively warm water. 

7. Mid-afternoon may be an excellent time to enjoy all pools; there is so much one can bathe before people begin to leave. The cocktails on-site are one-of-a-kind and delicious! They're also a little strong, but getting a little tipsy and relaxing is a great way to spend an afternoon.

8. After speaking with two locals in one of the pools, I discovered that Pagosa is an excellent gift for parents planning anniversary getaways. It drew visitors from all over the world, including Lithuania and Vietnam. Their children gave an elderly couple the Pagosa Experience, and they couldn't stop thanking them over and over.

9. Is it secure? Except for Pagosa, we were pleased with the mask compliance during Covid-19 exposures in all of Colorado. Even though the resort had mask compliance, the nature of the springs made it challenging to manage mask wear.

10. Inside the pools, masks are prohibited. Outside of it, on the walking pavement and elsewhere, we must wear masks. Even though most of us were hopping from one pool to the next, it wasn't easy for a few to be compliant. Fortunately, my beau and I did not catch Covid, but chances are slightly higher here than elsewhere.

Healing Waters Resort & Spa@ Pagosa | The Nude Bath Experience

This budget-friendly hotel where we stayed is centrally located in downtown Pagosa and across the street from the Springs. It is simple but well-equipped. With the pools, you can find a sweet spot. They felt more mineral-rich than the Springs, and the experience of the Clothing Optional Hot Springs was unique. 

The primary swimming pool area has a pleasant temperature. The steam from the pool and the soothing touch of the water, and the beautiful sky above provide guests a truly private experience. The optional clothes pools offer different men and women bathing experiences.

I was initially terrified by the thought of going completely naked because, as Indians, we are not used to such things. However, after I let go of it all, I had a great time.

Beignets @ Pagosa | Best Place to Eat

There are a few good restaurants in Pagosa, but our favorite is The Lost Cajun. The friendly servers and boho Lousiana-style décor were our favorites. It brought back memories of our trip to New Orleans. We had Lobster Bisque and Beignet Bites as takeout, and they were both delicious. 

Flower Bed in between Durango to Pagosa Road Trip

To know more about Pagosa: Click here


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