Bloggers and The Good Wine


Free the grapes!There's always time for more wine for all of us as the freedom of grapes are so synonymous with our own sense of liberty.And what better occasion,than Live Cooking Event with Four Seasons Wine And Gingerclaps.Sip the wine,spill the wine,pour the wine and when all's over head back happy home with wine.For the last event of Four Seasons,check blogpost: Four Seasons Blogger Meet

The terrace adorned with beautiful open pool,the lovely tents and the table,inviting us for the gourmet,the barbecue and the wine,the association so amicable and friendly.By this time,we had already well known a few faces,thanks to the last event on Four Seasons.So it was all us "the Bloggers" ,"the Organizers" and wait.."A former Miss India Earth,Shamita Singha,also brand ambassador of Four Seasons".

The waiter served us a few glasses of wine,and as always,the wines were smooth and so was the weather.Bangalore is perfect for wines,neither too hot nor too cold,and that day the whole 4 hours in an open terrace was a delight.Then we started with our intros,a fellow food blogger,a fellow travel blogger,a fellow fashion blogger,after all it's not everyday you get to see so many like minded people.

We were then served the starters,the chicken starter with the sauce,a heady mix of spicy tangy,while,most of us were so into the food,not to mention we were there at 12 noon,and on Sunday,we were hungry,I know not many would admit it,but thanks to Four Seasons for understanding.So as I said,many were into the food,and some were clicking the best possible shot of food.How much I love the cameras in the event,and how much I love the enthusiasm of those who take best shots of the minutest detail..the food,the oil,the salad,the wine.

A little breeze of cool air swept in,when Mam' Shamita Singha came and introduced herself to the bloggers,making her way to each tent personally.Next was the session on wine and food pairing.The event was well planned,and the lady was a great speaker,who knew the intelligent talk and spoke from the heart.It's not always you see these things,a friendly Former Miss India Earth was never what I had thought of,but yes as I said this event was nothing of that sort.It had a more youthful,vibrant and fun touch.I even had my share of chit chat with the lady,on how she does her travel and how do I plan my Europe travel on a budget.

Next was..well if it's lunch time,and it's wine,there got to be food.Food served on platter is formal,food made live is wow.Yes it is,well before Four seasons cooking event,I had never known there's so much that goes into a Thai curry,I had a rare imagination which was that yes coconut does go in,and yes it looks green,but common it doesn't have to be all that rich and new ingredients.But I was wrong.The Thai curry is a delicacy and altogether different way of cooking.The salad with orange juice,lettuce,wine and cheese was a very new thing to us.And so when we had our salad,rice and Thai curry ready,we were the first to jump in,or say be in the queue.

The barbecued chicken was next with the sauce.The dessert was too inviting,and with all the knowledge on wines and pairing,we decided to pair up with a oh yes wine.Glad I met fellow indiblogger and travel blogger Indrani,travel blogger of,a fellow blogger vaibhav of onvab and many many others.

And finally,when all was almost over,I thanked Akshay and Sumath,for the lovely afternoon we had.Hope soon,we have more such open air fun event,I said open air,because it's lovely out here in Bangalore.We started up with wine,and ended up with one.

It did remind me of a song while returning back..

Good Friend and a Glass of Wine by Leann Rhimes

"Every now and then, every now and then
Every girl needs a good friend and a glass of wine"

What a great way to celebrate the otherwise lazy boring Sunday.Hope to see many more bloggers,in the future events and many more interesting way to celebrate life!Thanks Four Seasons :)


  1. Nice event

    thanks for sharing

    Happy onam

  2. Same to you Krishna,A very happy Onam.

  3. Thanks Shiju,was just going through your blog and wow,you take amazing captures,really amazing ones!

  4. Hi. Just checked your blog post coz i am scheduled to go for my 1st ever '4 seasons' meet in a few hours. You come across as a sort of mini-celeb with so many trophies in your backpack. Kudos!

  5. @Ritesh:Thanks Ritesh.Mini Celeb,not really.Just trying my best in whatever.How was the Four Seasons Meet,you might have been to the one in Delhi,CP?Share your blogpost on the event.The wines are too good,dats the best part about any four seasons meet :)

  6. I just returned from the meet. It was awesome. You're wrong. The best part was meeting co-bloggers. Na, i havnt been to Delhi. Me from Cal

  7. @Ritesh Agarwal:To each his own.I enjoy the wine with the bloggers lol :P Oh there was one today in Delhi as well.

  8. Me too :D.

    Oh, I am not aware of that.


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