Rejuvenate at Kurumba Village Resort,Tea Nest


One of the newest retreat in Conoor is Tea Nest,run by the Kurumba Village Resort.We stayed at tea nest for half a day,and we found it to be adorable.It's a colonial bungalow in the middle of plantation.So when you get up in the morning,you can take a morning stroll in the tea garden.The cuisine served is awesome,we loved everything from starters to desert and they are all infused with tea.The rooms in tea nest have the names as tea names "silver tips,jasmine,green,lemon etc".

The staff is very friendly too..We also tasted varieties of tea at tranquility,and the information on how tea is made was very new to us.We thought its just the grind and the tea dust we see in the market,but the process can itself be written on another blog post,its so technical and lengthy.But then we tasted the best teas,so no complaints ;)

So with the pleasant memories of Kurumba and Tea Nest,we leave ooty!And yes,Ooty and no chocolates impossible.We got home made chocolates,and lots of them.I really like the original ooty chocolates,we get so many home made chocolates these days and everywhere,but the chocolates from ooty are class apart.Wish any of the blogger share their homemade chocolate recipes here,so we give the guys from ooty some real competition.

Thanks to Kurumba and Tea nest for lots of memories to bring back.


  1. It is always interesting to visit a tea factory and understand the nuances. A lot of estates due to their falling revenue are now looking at the bungalows and opening up those for tourism.

    Nice to see the trailer and facilities. The bed looks to be really inviting. So is the jacuzzi. Ask your cameraman can cut down on the very fast panning of the camera and zooming out and zooming in.

  2. Thanks Sabyasachi for the advice and glad you loved it.For a little information,I have no cameraman,its my best friend taking videos with our small digicam,so there are bound to be little imperfections,though would try to be better next time.Thanks again for visiting my blog.

  3. I really wanted some frank reviews about the tea nest and kurumba village hotel as im planning a vacation next month.While reading the reviews i bumped accross your videos and that really hepls me in making my decisions. I watched many of your videos and really loved them. Kudos to your work you're doing a good job. Cheers :)
    Just one suggestion, please avoid brisk camera movements while shooting.



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