My First Skydiving Experience


Shweta Gopinath,shares her experience on her first attempt at Skydiving,and encourages more and more Indians to try out the thrilling sport,once in a lifetime.

We have next Skydiving camp from Independence day to Eid(16th-22nd) in Dhana,MP.Experience the blue skies.

My First Skydiving Experience @ Pondicherry

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Note:The writeup and image are first hand experience on skydiving by Shweta Gopinath .Reproduction of  her image or her experience in whole or part on the internet is prohibited.

Have you ever felt like you need to DO something different in life?? Something that gives you immense satisfaction of achievement.That desperate urge to break the chain of mediocrity??Well, I was exactly in that stage of my life when I came to know about the skydiving session to be held in Pondicherry. It felt like the Gods were calling upon me to to go out there and achieve my dreams.

With the help of this blog 'Anki on the move' , I was able to get the full details of the Skydiving Camp and company conducting it , 'Kakini Enterprises'.I finally set out to Pondy , for the biggest adventure of my life ever!! 

I had opted for the 'Static Jump' because I wanted to have the experience of jumping and maneuvering the parachute on my own. It was a three day camp, the first two days I was given training on the know- hows of skydiving, parachute training etc. My instructor was very patient and always emphasized on the importance of safety, so much so that, even if woken up from the middle of my sleep, I would be able to tell how to react during an emergency situation!!

It was really interesting and I enjoyed the training a lot. At the end of it all,I was asked to write an exam of 60 questions, to test my understanding of the whole process. (And I managed to pass it, phew!!!) By this time, I had gained a lot of confidence, that YES, I could do it!

Then came the third day of the camp, finally it was my turn to jump!! I was very nervous and even more excited. As I got into the small cessna 4 seater aircraft,I was greeted by the pilot and asked to keep my hands and feet inside the plane at all times. As the plane slowly took off, I gripped the handle of the seat tightly and made a silent prayer to God. By the time we reached the required altitude, I was quivering with anticipation and excitement. When I got the thumbs up sign, I mustered all the courage I had and jumped out of the plane.. I was airborne!!! It was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life. After a few hundred feet of free fall, my parachute opened, and wallah , I was skydiving! I couldnt belive my eyes, I was actually doing it! I could see the whole city of Pondicherry and the Bay of Bengal under me! I started navigating the parachute and slowly inched closer to the ground. 

The challenge was now to land safely, the hardest part..As I got closer to the ground , I started following the instructions given by the ground instructor. I managed to land in the vicinity of the drop zone, safely ,without any casualties!! I couldn't believe I did it!!!!  I am so proud of myself of having actually achieved one of my long term dreams. 

So for all those out there with an adventurous streak and an inkling for skydiving, all that I can say is , GO FOR IT!!! In Skydiving, the ground is the limit!

For All Those Folks,who still think skydiving is a myth in India,have a look at the article published in Hindu Recently:

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