Tiger Tourism Ban


"India's Supreme Court bans tourism in "core zones" of more than 40 government-run tiger reserves.".The number of tigers in India currently is 1,700.Just 1,700.


"Ma,ma How Does A Tiger Look Like".Asked a 10 year old kid.

"Well..A tiger is a ferocious animal".Said a confused ma,a little threatened by the next question which she quietly presumed would be on.

"Where In India,can I see it?".

"Its extinct."

"But I wanna see it maa,please please"

"I see it in cartoons,I see it in friends albums from Thailand"

"Where Did They Go?"

"They..well they went to boarding school because they didnt complete their homework,now go and complete yours" 

"You are lying,if they didn't like India they would have gone somewhere"

"They are all dead"

"Oh..sad who killed them?"

"We did"

"And why?"

"Because we..eh we loved to click our pics with the animals,we loved to peek into their every activity,we messed up their habitat"

"Can't we import them from somewhere"

"We can,but how many..it would take years to get back to the track"

"How many were there when you were young?"


"You could've adopted a baby tiger for me"

"You know son,its not easy,these things"

10 Years back,I read the paper "SC Bans tiger tourism"
The other day 100 others shout that its irresponsible to take an action such as this"
The ban was lifted"

"But Why so?"

"Because some people had their business in the tiger periphery"
And whatever anyone says they are humans too

As we are,we were in the mind of conflict
SC Bans tiger tourism,is wrong
Because we wanted to go on jungle safaris
To prove the world how adventurous we are
Little did we know
That when there would be no tigers
There would be no safaris
"Ma,what about other animals?"
"In this world who cares?"
"We all are Animals aren't we?"

"Why do you say so"

The Gal got raped,we saw as if nothing happened
The Guy was bleeding after the accident,noone helped
The Stray dogs were killed,we were happy
The Tigers came and went,we still do not care
All we care is about how irresposible the gal was,
How sad the accident happend,
How cruel are the animals as they bite us,
How wonderful are the tiger safaris
We all are mute spectators
We blame our people
We justify our culture
But when It comes to helping the society
We run away like a dog
And we say the animals are animals.
-Anki S.


  1. I am happy that Tiger tourism is banned. The Tigers can atleast be left in peace to rule their territories away from the nuisance of the Indian tourist

  2. I was glad to hear that tiger tourism was banned in India. And then recently some friend of mine went on a safari to Bandipur. So much for all the ban!!!

    Great piece. Keep it coming.

  3. @Kishan: Yeah the ban was removed as the govt is more interested in commercialization than saving the tigers!I was happy with the judgement and now this.

  4. India is the land where tourists can explore a large number of mind blowing and famous sites that never fail to grab the attention of tourists coming from all through the globe


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