Kurumba resorts: An Experience Of Luxury


Kurumba Village Resort is a complete bliss in the lap of nature.Unperturbed by the urban commercialization,the resort has restored its rustic image since ages.Sprawling over several acres,amidst the spices and the lush green valley,combined with the mirror swimming pool & the tree top dining,the resort offers unparalleled hospitality in Conoor.

Watch this space next week for more videos as I take you through spice gardens,jungle trek,great food, Jacuzzi with the views of valley,Chai hut,the cooking crew,room and the pool along with the trailer to tea nest- a resort in the tea plantations.Hope you enjoy!

To All Those Who Have Missed My Last Post On Kurumba Village Resort Trailer Kurumba resorts: An Experience Of Luxury The Kurumba Village Resort Conoor, undoubtedly, contains an ambiance with plenty of poetic possibilities.You experience a mix of feeling inside ranging from happiness to being excited and when I say you so,I meant my own meandering experience.Let's say A cottage room with a bed woven with subtle lighting and TV room with beer in the evening,jacuzzi to relax with the views of valley and a balcony to just look around the lush green valley of the forest.Wow isn't it? So you've missed the trailer,no worries,the below video takes you through each room and also the cooking crew of Kurumba. To top it up,we have a chai and pakoda stand,very near to swimming pool and the food is made with the fresh spices from the spice plantation of the resort.If you have kids,there's a separate section for kids to play,if you yourself want to indulge in indoor activities,there's a sports recreational room too.You can trek as well in the forest with the guide.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful place that I would love to spend time in! Thanks for introducing it, Anki :)

  2. so, u have enjoyed a lot there. waiting for more on this trip.

  3. These are the very places one must visit. Thank you for bringing this place to our attention.

  4. @Arti:Don't forget to visit this place,its awesome..will place the room views too in a week,the washrums have jacuzzi with views of valley,its the best thing ever..

  5. @Shalu:Yeah shalu,its one of a kind..you would absolutely love the exp.


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