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This post is an entry to the Dove and Indiblogger 'My beautiful hair story' contest.
My Beautiful Hair Story

The video(inset) is a true story of my Hair.

The video,text,poem,song and images herein are copyrighted works of ankionthemove.The images are actually being painted in the video.Reproduction in whole or part on the internet is prohibited.

When I was born as a baby gal,
Rosy Cheeks and no Hair
Then I grew up a little bit,
Accessorize,Clips Everywhere

One fine day,
On my 2nd Birthday
I looked like a fairy with long long hair..
Then came the day
When It was my first "Mundan"
I prayed and cried
Why did it happen so sudden

In anger
I cut my little doll's hair
The world didn't seem so fair
Then came my mom to the rescue
Oiled my hair and I danced doo-bi-doo-bi-doo

When I went school
Dressed neat and clean
My hair would shine
Like a glorious sheen
Being so naughty
I would often..
Play with my best friend's hair
Everything would just stick on to her hair

College was a beautiful beginning
I cut my hair,color my hair
Dip my hair and gel my hair
I dry my hair,spray my hair
On the long bike rides into the air..

One day
I grew up and realised
How disaster is my hair
I started oiling
And then I thought of perming
The bad lady into the parlour
Just burned my hair with the chemicals
Then my hair started
Falling and Falling and Falling

On my wedding day
I went to the salon
On my first wash
It felt "oh so smooth"
I asked the lady
She said "Use Dove"
"We all love Dove,we all love dove"

And then I had to
Move on from Delhi->Bangalore
The weather was cool and the water plenty
I bathe and bathe
Till my buckets were empty

And then..
The hard water reacted
Oh no! Not again
My hair started falling again

And Then
The little things from the past
Came to my mind
Oiling,Dove,Vegies and Water
Fruits,Shampoo and Conditioner
Blink Blink..
...And that was the end of my hair problems
-Anki S.

Mundan: In Indian tradition, the hair from birth is associated with undesirable traits from past lives. Thus at the time of the mundan, the child is freshly shaven to signify freedom from the past and moving into the future. The rite is performed as a special ceremony in most homes, for young girls and boys.

My hair,deserves a little love,
My mother's weekly head message
The soft warmth of her hands
On my locks.

My hair,deserves a little venture,
A splashing swim pool dip.
My hair no longer fear,
A bike ride,or a long trip.

My hair,Deserves a little change,
A hair cut,a spa,a tong,a perm.

Sometimes curly,sometimes straight,
Sometimes wild,sometimes mild,
Sometimes long,sometimes short,
Sometimes pixie,sometimes coloured.

Cascading into spirals and loops,
Days of wow and days of oops
My hair,Deserves a little care,
A Dove shampoo conditioner pair.
Because what stays 
beautiful is beautiful.
-Anki S.

Having lustrous and healthy hair is the dream of every women.Having thick hair is the dream of every men. In Indian mythology a woman's hair had such importance that they symbolise their honour and pride,Draupadi's hair was of great significance to Mahabharata...after being insulted and dragged into the court by her hair, Draupadi vowed that she won't tie up her hair and would let it remain dishevelled till bhima ties it up with his hands filled with duhshasana's blood!And today Draupadi Hairstyle is back in fashion again : Leaving hair loose, cascading down one's back.Quite an irony!

        The main character of the Walt Disney animated flick "Tangled" and the upcoming release "Brave" symbolises the beauty of a free flowing hair.While tangled is long cascading endless tresses,brave is all about wild curls.

And for all the Hollywood divas out there,how much we love Katrina Kaif's poker straight thick hair,Kangana Ranaut's deadly curls and Priyanka Chopra's hairstyle.We love Victoria Beckam and Rihana for the pixie.We also loved Lisa Ray bold and bald.

WE WISH..   

         And every time we envy and compare,we secretly wish for longer fuller and smooth hair.And the reasons are many:
         -For healthy hair looks neat.
         -Different hair styles make you look different,simple and easy.
         -And with every hair that grows, a compliment follows..
         -An ugly face cannot be replaced,an ugly hair can be nourished.

Jokes apart,men or women,both desire to have thick shiny black hair.Who would love a John Abraham or Akshay kumar or Shahrukh khan bald?A mow ark can't be sported on a unruly rough hair or even a Dhoni cut!

If I ask any of my fellow indibloggers,a very prompt answer would be "Hair Care=Oil Message" ,most of us in India abide by a weekly almost like a ritual oiling their hair with coconut oil.Shampoo and conditioning comes next.While very few condition their hair,the number is growing with increasing number of women with premature grey hair,hair fall and hair damage.In case of men,its the early balding that's the major concern.

 "At times I have unruly hair, but I still love my hair".In last 4-5 years,I have tried pixie,boy cut,streaks,long hair,curly hair,straight hair,coloured hair,layered cut,steps cut,sadhna cut,bob cut,fringes and I am happy.Every cut makes a change to my face.It's the only thing I can experiment with as long as it is there..

            To make a change to your hairstyle with less hair damage,and to revive the texture of hair again,my hair mantra is:
            -Do not fear the outcome of an hair experiment.The more comfortable you are with you are with your hair the more lovely you look.
            -If a chemical treatment has severely damaged your hair,do not panic.Instead apply dove repair shampoo and conditioner with mask and apply curd as a homemade hair treatment.
            -Do not go for a color and perm treatment together at the same time.Take a gap of 15 days -1 month between each treatment.
            -Regular hair steam with oil and after message,helps in oil absorption and growth of hair.
            -To revive back the grey hair,cut the grey hair if you have few and apply mehndi with coffee every month..along with amla oil.
            -Color your hair with ammonia free colors readily available in market these days.
            -Visit hair spa,but do not expect miracles in a single setting.

Ever since I have started taking care of my hair,there's no turning back,from pixie to long tresses my hair just smiles....

We all have shared our stories,a little birdie called "DOVE" wants to share her story too:

I love being a white angel,
Blue skies are my home.
"DOVE" is what they call me
A second name for "LOVE"

Jawaharlal Nehru called me
A peace pigeon,
I stand for humanity
My wings have the power to end
The world of disparity

To live my dream
I transformed into a white soft cream
Into the bottle that's now called DOVE
Me and my bottle are now a team.

We started our journey
Into the wild
In the midway,a lady cried.
Her hair was all that dry

"Please give me a drop 
Oh little birdie.."

A few drop of DOVE
Transformed the lady's hair
Into a crown of glory
Happily she said
"Can I come along?

Me,Dove and the Lady,
Started walking hand in hand
Until we saw the fight
A war in the unknown land

"Please give us peace
Oh little birdie.."

A few drops of DOVE,
Transformed the battle field
Into a harmony of festivals
Happily they said
"Can we come along?"

Me,Dove,The lady and the soldiers
Started walking hand in hand
Suddenly we found the roads in mess
As if for years had been cared less

"Please give us smoothness
Oh little birdie..."

A few drops of DOVE
Transformed the road into
A sheer shiny black smooth path
Happily they said " Can we come along"

Alongside the road, a little young gal
Was crying with her eyes closed.
She envied the ones who were beautiful
And wondered why she was cursed

"Please give me a chance
Oh little birdie..."

A few words from DOVE
Transformed the gal from
The roadside gal to the DOVE poster gal

Now that's called LOVE
The birdie DOVE said
We love you,we love all gals,
We love peace,we love your hair
And that's why we care..

The little gal smiled and so did all the others :)

Thanks Dove For The Gift Hamper..Absolutely love it.

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  1. This is so so so creative....I can see that you've spent a lot of time creating those sketches and made lovely videos...I loved dove origami video...Amazing post...All the best for the contest :)

  2. Thanks Valli..keeping my fingers crossed,can't say much on these things,have tried my best,rest is upto GOD and luck.And btw this time DOVE has superbly wonderful entries!

  3. wow.....just loved ur creativity....all the best for the contest :-))

  4. @Ghata:Loved your entry ..all the best to you too!

  5. That's lovely Ankita! Wish you the very best :).

  6. i declare.. u r the winner dear.. all the best and share the prize with me.. :)

  7. @Ashreyamom:Thanks lets c,can't say about the prizes though tried my best.If I get one,I pray for you that you get one too :).All the best.


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