The Fantabulous July


This July has been great to me,touchwood or an appreciation of good work over the last 6 months.I am still confused and on cloud nine.Just a few months back I was a newbie,struggling to learn blogger and video editing..And Today I woke up with my pic on Fox Traveller FB Page.

Yesterday It was Outlook Traveller Magazine.

And Day before Indiblogger Lakme Contest.

I am so happy that I feel like jumping off my bed,and shouting out loud..

And guess what guys,I am off to Ooty for some party,pool and fun tonite.

Life is beautiful.


  1. Congratulations Ankita..Great going.

  2. Hey thanks a lot,can I have your name please,because I kind of read the whole about me section of solo backpacker but couldn't figure that out!

  3. Hi Ankita, My name is Avanish Maurya. An Engineer by education, but an Air Traffic Controller by profession. Basically from Varanasi, but posted in Delhi right now.

  4. Hey nice to hear from you Avanish,so how is the work at Air Traffic,is that kind of busy world..Or does you work involve travel too?Delhi is a great place to be,was there 2 years back for a year or so..


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