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Munnar A One Day trip 
Participants: Gaurav Sinha:Writer
Ankita Sinha:Video Editing
Thanks To Karuna Sinha for guest appearance
Thanks To Pritish Shankar Ray for "Hariyali Ki"

How the day went by...

Woke up at 6:30 am. Started at 7:30.

First we went to top station. On our way back covered most of the important places like Echo point(which has got little echo but the view is superb,by far the most visited tourist place), Kundala lake(not recommended), Mettupetty dam(its better than Kundala lake), Rose Garden(nice collection of flowers and plants) and bypassed some of them like 8th Mile boating point, photo point etc. We were fortunate enough to see the wild elephants taking mud bath on the banks of the Periyar river. Finally, had lunch in Munnar town at 2:15pm where we ordered the famous dish of Kerala,chicken masala and the fried fish.

Now we were confused for where to go as there were so many options. We picked Idduki dam over Eravikulam national park and Rajamalai national park. We were not very keen on going to national parks as on our way back from the top station, we had already encountered wild elephants and we were told by the locals that you wont be finding anything else.

Note : Going to Rajamalai national park in your own vehicle requires permits from forest officials. Also the queue there is said to be very long and we were advised, going there will eat up a lot of our precious time.

All over the internet, its mentioned that Idduki dam is 40kms from Munnar. May be because of the wrong route taken by our driver, the milestones on the roadside started with 60kms! We discussed amongst ourselves and came to the conclusion that it is not worth going there which would have taken 5hrs going and coming back. We would have missed out on all the remaining spots in Munnar as well. Our decision was also influenced by the Senthal dam which was about 15kms from where we had started and thankfully came in the way of our not so great idea of going to Idduki dam in such a short span of time. To be honest, we had enough of dams.

Now we were feeling relaxed as we felt we have enough daytime to cover the remaining places near Munnar. First spices park(where the major attraction turned out to be elephants ride), then Pullivasal tea gardens, Pothamedu viewpoint(where the view is not so nice but the nearby rocks are great for amateur rock climbers like us) and finally to the Hydel park, a large park which has got loads of plants and ohhh well,a DAM!

Forgot to add,at Pothamedu viewpoint we were again in a dilemma! To watch the dance and martial arts show or to go to the hydel park. IMO, we made the wrong choice. Afterall, Kerala is famous for its rich culture. Anyway next we stopped at a temple which was nearby KSRTC bus stand, a must visit place if you are going with your elders who usually find the viewpoints,lakes,dams and parks pretty boring. Our next stop was for a thing that the ladies of all the age groups enjoy, a thing all the famous hillstations are known for and the only thing which is common between cities and hills, SHOPPING!


  1. Loved the place
    I have enjoyed 3 vacations there !

  2. When I was in Bangalore. We has planned to go here but it never happened. How fat form Bangalore?


  3. @Rahul:Oh great!So what's your favourite place in Munnar?

  4. @Megha:Its an overnight journey by bus..are you from bangalore basically,I am in the process of forming a group of either lady travellers or just group travelers,so if you feel like you can join my FB page

  5. "Echo point(which has got litte echo but the view is superb,by far the most visited tourist place) " - Used to be different when I was young. They burned down all the trees on the opposite side of the river bank. The new ones aren't ready yet.
    And back then there were no shops selling bangles and tea pwders there. It was just the nature and you. Yet another example of man ruining nature.
    Rajamalai is a definite miss. You should've checked it out. The local people aren't always right you know. I come from Kochi. Ask me about the sea and I'd say it isn't all that cool. But if you are coming from a land locked region, u'll love it. Similarly , the people over there might not find Rajamali attractive. But I'm sure you would've loved it.
    Btw, I loved the way you've presented the article. Precise and easy to read. Way to go!

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  7. Will be useful during our visit next month. Thanks

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  9. Good article, Munnar - always a paradise for honeymooners.

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