Shimla's BCS Starts Scuba Diving


Trainers: Archana Sardana(India's Master Scuba Diver Trainer certified by PADI)
 Johann Bharucha(Instructor in Port Blair)
 Samantha Nunes(A Search & Rescue Diver From Goa)
 Rajpreet Warna(A Search & Rescue Diver from Kolkata)

 Thanks to School Headmaster RC Robinson for such a wonderful initiative.He has himself been a national boxer,an outsanding sportsman,and has done advanced mountaneering course from HMI Darjeeling.

 Source:By Archana Sardana

 Scuba Diving BCS Shimla in News

 How Young is to Scuba Dive?

Pranav Sardana, 10 and his brother Ayush, 8, etched their name into the record books after they became the youngest sibling duo to qualify for Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) sea diving license.

 While Pranav become the youngest boy from Himachal Pradesh to obtain the license from US based PADI, world's largest recreational diving membership and diver training organisation, his brother Ayush is now a certified bubble maker in diving.Pranav’s name also figures in the Limca Book of Records in sea diving. 

 Source:Zee News Cdr. Patil gets candid with Ankionthemove about all things nautical and the journey with Dive Goa so far......!!!


  1. Great News. BCS is still among the best schools with its rich heritage and proud legacy.Its a very good attempt started by the school authorities.

  2. Wow! Can't believe that a school has introduced scuba diving course and that too made it compulsory. Feel like taking birth again to study. :)

    This reminds me about the famous filmmaker and now explorer James Cameron. In one of the TED Talks he had said that he always wanted to be a scuba diver and he learnt scuba diving in a pool. For that he went from Canada to US. That love for underwater manifested in his movie Titanic. He said that he wanted to see the actual remains of Titanic, so convinced the studio guys that it is necessary to do that for filming Titanic.

    May be this school will produce several such great individuals....

  3. @Avanish:These kids are so lucky man,I just wish I could rewind time and join BCS.Its so easy to learn when you are young,and I am sure these guys would be good swimmers and more risk takers than all of us.Great initiative really,hopefully we have more like these soon in all other schools.

  4. @Sabyasachi: Believe me even I was like "God,I wish I was in the school".Such a nice initiative.And now these guys no longer have to go andamans and other places to learn the basics.That's appreciable,they'll be more brave and adventurous when they grow.Tare Zameen Per is happening at least in some schools,back then we had no options but to choose on our books or play kabbadi or volley in passtime.This is so cool.

  5. wow...great to know about that!!! its one of the hugest schools of simla with lot of space. hope that it will part of yearly athletic competitions as well :)

  6. Thats news and awesome news infact. Scuba sounds total fun.

  7. I was beyond hooked when I first started diving. Its an addiction.I started as a non swimmer to Scuba Instructor within a year.
    Diving is like meditation.


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