A Warm Hi From Scotland


Dear Friends,
[Live Blogging,Dumfries Scotland,15/4/2013,7 am]

I feel good I feel great in the company of like minded people,bloggers,journos and lovely Amy and Fiona from the Visit Scotland team.The food is awesome too.Before I begin,let me take you through a short photo-essay to know where I am and up to what.

Drive slow and enjoy the scenery - drive fast and join the scenery.Scotland has it all,broad roads,narrow roads,wide roads and scenic roads @ Dumfries & Galloway Scotland

And oh I forgot,for those do not know "I am on a press trip to Scotland by visitScotland".Many thanks to them for the lovely time in the countryside of Scotland,its more beautiful than what I had thought of!Really thought of..7 more days to go and hell ya,I am already having a blast!


                                   The gang of nomads in the lovely grasslands of Dumfries@Scotland

Does that look bland?Well no,cauz the food in Scotland is yumm.The haggis,the deserts the lemonade,the everything.@Scotland

                                                       Three Sisters Cafe,Quarries Village,@Scotland

                                             Having a lemonade in Hotel Indigo Glasgow @ Scotland




  1. @Vishal:Thank you so much.It has got everything the beautiful coastline,green lands,great food and lovely people.Quite an amazing place!

  2. @Ranjana:Thank you Ranjana,yes I am having a blast

  3. wow at press trip ....
    look forward for awesome pics ...
    scotland is very bful ...thats what i heard :)

  4. @Krithi:Yes Krithi it is,one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen,and so warm and helpful humourous people.Loved it


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