Scotland : Top 4 Offbeat Things to do in Dumfries and Galloway : Around Glasgow


Top 4 Offbeat Things to do in Scotland

[Quarries Village - Dumfries - Ayrshire(South West Scotland)]

If your flight has arrived Glasgow and you have almost been everywhere around the city and would like to venture out more, check out the top 4 things you would love to discover just 1 hour 30 minutes away in Dumfries and Galloway that will give you more insight in Scottish culture and adventure and the remaining 3 more things in subsequent posts.

For those who haven't discovered Glasgow and Edinburgh and other parts of Scotland, I'll soon come up with a post on how to do it on your own and on a budget.

The wonderful trip around Scotland was sponsored by VisitScotland,the official tourism board of Scotland.Visit their website for more details.

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                                      Making my own ice-cream at Cream O' Galloway, Scotland

Wohooo we are now heading to South West of Scotland!Are you guys excited? This is the road we took to arrive in Dumfries and Galloway.

Let's get to know Scotland BETTER

There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter - Billy Connolly

"True.Scotland is cold in its own way,Sunny sometimes but cold,rainy sometimes but cold,so guys Scotland is cold.Take your jackets and your umbrella or just a plain raincoat.It also rains quite often here."

The thing I miss the most about Scotland is the football - Robert Carlyle 

"Sport plays a central role in Scottish culture. The temperate, oceanic climate has played a key part in the evolution of sport in Scotland, with all-weather sports like association football, rugby union and golf dominating the national sporting consciousness.The 2014 Commonwealth Games will be held in Glasgow,so get your tickets guys to Scotland,you'd love the place and the crowd".To know more about Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth games and registration Click here: Glasgow 2014

Scotland is the Canada of England! - Rainn Wilson 

"Aha the natural beauty around would take you to back to the dreamy world of countryside and broad roads.You wouldn't want to leave because its so beautiful.Whether its the greenery or the road alongside the coast or the food or the fresh air,Scotland will mesmerize you with simple honest people and great ambiance"

A glass of whisky in Scotland in the thirties cost less than a cup of tea. - Catherine Helen Spence

"One more reason to arrive in Scotland.Whiskeys!"

We'll discuss some more in the upcoming post,but for now let's begin with the 4 offbeat things and the remaining 3 we'll continue in next post with the video 

1)Delight your senses at Three Sisters Bake Cafe, Quarries Village Scotland

Just half an hour from the main town Glasgow is the quiet and historic Quarries Village.Enjoy lunch at this boutique cafe where the key aim is to 'Delight the senses'.

Opened by three sisters who are passionate about food and bakes where each and every dish is bursting with flavor Three Sisters Bake is a fun place to be.And so great was the taste that I still remember what I did order "chicken liver parfait and Freshly made soup of the day" along with the wholesome desserts.Loved it!

Website: Three Sisters Bake Official Website

2)Threave Gardens and Estate, Dumfries and Galloway Scotland

One and a half hour from Quarries village is the 647 hectares of Threave estate.It is divided into four main elements: Threave House,a restored Scottish baronial-style house,Threave garden made of landscaped garden and themed 'rooms'.

Threave garden is a beautifully designed landscape garden where on one end you'd find bat reserve another end sculpture of eagle and all at the backdrop of a Scottish house.The Scottish house which is now home to volunteers who work closely to preserve the nature.

Website: Threave - Estate

3) Camera Obscura at the Dumfries Museum Scotland

I have a confession to make,I am really not very fond of museums unless its interesting!And this one even if you are not into Museums would surprise you.Dumfries Museum is centered around the eighteenth century windmill which stands above the town.On the topmost floor of the museum is Camera Obscura.

A historic astronomical instrument which gives fascinating panoramic views over the town.No well it isn't a telescope it is something like..

An opening on the top floor which is reflecting in the spherical device just beneath and you can view the entire town at your table,just like an HD movie.You can zoom in and zoom out the objects on the round base,and can clearly see who is walking outside,the cars moving around,even as close as faces of people.Its amazing.You can add a little fun by adding small bridges on the round base and the car outside would look like it is going over the bridge"

Website : Dumfries Museum

4) Create your own ice-cream at Cream O' Galloway Scotland

Cream O' Galloway's award winning ice-creams are extra yummy.Made with pure,real ingredients,we too got to go a hands on session on ice cream making.So we all dressed up in sheer white doctors coat and the head band and the participants were divided into two teams.Then we whipped the milk with the cream,weighed down other ingredients and added on our own flavors we thought would be good and great.And there it all went in the machine which churns and makes the whole ice cream.Takes around 30 minutes to make,we kept on staring almost into the the machine every minute as if the ice cream was our baby.

Set in the beautiful Galloway countryside,the visitor center of Cream O' Galloway offers a full day fun filled activities with ropes and go karts and slides.If you love animals,you can play with sheep.In Scotland,you will find sheep almost on every patch of green and there are plenty.In the end,we gorged on the yummy burgers handmade with beef from their own organic farm.We had three vegetarians in our group,and they too were delighted with the veggie meal of their choice.

Website: Cream O Galloway

Have you been to Scotland,why not share your best places,best experience right on the comment box or mail me at in case you want your post or insight on Scotland to be highlighted in the next blogpost.If you like my post and feel like dropping in some sweet words,put it across,it'll make my day more beautiful and all thanks to you.


  1. I've been to Scotland twice and honestly never knew of these 7 things. The ice cream one is so on my list next time

  2. I'm getting all J now with you :)

  3. @SJ:Twice been to Scotland,WOW!Which all places have you been?Try ice-cream and the local Scottish dance(coming in next post),you'd love it if you haven't tried it till now.

  4. @Gulzar:He he.. :P.Free to feel J,your blog is awesome too.Are these the cartoons you make?

  5. awesome is the read .. as much are the clicks .. specially the last one .. both lives look immensely cute :)

  6. A cheerful post about Scotland packed with great images. I especially liked that dish shot at The Three Sisters.

  7. you so much.Great to hear you really really liked it.Actually I love animals so its just the natural flow of expressions,what about you?

  8. @Umashankar:Then you are going to love my upcoming posts,one of which I am planning to dedicate on Food in Scotland.So colorful cheerful well presented and tasty!


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