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The quickest respite from our busiest life is to unwind at a place which is not so near and not so far,imagine a home away from home where peace rules and your heart does what it desires to,even if it's for a day.You live in Bangalore in the same hustle and bustle of life,the same deadlines,the same old story and you desperately want to live in the nature but do not know where to go and what to do?Here's good news,just 4-5 hours drive from Bangalore is a quiet place in the hills just before Chikmagalur a small town called Mudigere.

                                                    Flameback Mudigere: An interesting Escapade
                                  Watch me in the video as I take you through this special offbeat resort

That's where I found my abode to peace,and It wasn't just luck.Thanks to my favorite Lonely Planet Magazine for publishing an article on Flameback some time back,that I thought hey this looks like a place which is to be visited at least once and that's when I called up Bharath and there I was in my favorite Flameback.

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I love Lonely Planet,they are so genuine and the articles always present the brighter side of India,or the world.If you are a traveler subscribe or just buy off the stands.It'll help you big time,It has helped me big time.

Flameback Lodges on Lonely Planet

Some places revive memories,some places create them.Some places are beautiful because they are,and some places are made beautiful because of the people there.Some places have good food,some places have awesome food.Some places are leisure big time,while some others are rough,sweet and spacious.

                                                      Peace is when time doesn't matter as it passes by.

Be it the spacious suite or the delicious food or one of those paddy villas or excursion to the nearby hill or a walk in the plantation or an ayurvedic massage , If you are looking for the perfect mix of everything,you are at the right place.

                                                                  I could talk food all day. I love good food.

The food specially is to die for,literally.I am short of adjectives at the moment to describe the taste of food which is so tastefully made.I never tasted Pork before I tried here,and wow the best Pork I ever had.The best fried fish.The best sambar,the best everything which is at your platter.Even the humble upma or the humble baighan bharta.The morning starts with super healthy delicious food,but not stale or raw,but well cooked or presented.And everything can be accompanied with a beer.You arrive at 4 or 11,you can feel at home,have your food.The flexibility to choose your food at your convenience is itself very welcoming.You are free to read books at your leisure while you eat,free to choose your cycles,free to play table tennis,free to play with Bharath's dogs "Shark, Caesar and Ruby",walk around the lake,learn kayaking and if you are alone you can chat with Bharath or just stroll around with him and the Flameback crew.

                                  Bharath and the Natural Spring Water.It tastes really really earthy and pure!

The very special feature about this resort is no matter how big the rooms are,and how well it is designed and made they provide a gateway to nature.Like in front of my room was a big balcony overlooking the paddy fields.Like in front of the suite was the lake.And it does make you feel how much have we lost touch with nature,and create a lovely ambience. There are facilities like inhouse fridge,hot water,and several windows with nature around in all villas and suites.

 There's never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same and this one is the most beautiful I have                ever seen

There are many excursions which Bharath and team arranges on request.The coffee plantation walk gives you an insight on how the coffee is grown and made.You can cherish a few lovely moments at the tree plank or you can just admire the beauty of the hills and the helipad.You can go for a trek with him,or take advice on where to go.

                                                                                                    Aha! Life

                                                                                    “Happiness is a warm puppy.”                                                                            

Flameback lodges make you feel like home,relaxed revived shedding your formal self and just be you at the pace you love to be at.The options are plenty,and so its best to just check their website

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