The Biggest Baddest Bucketlist Challenge


THE BBB : Votes ,Votes, Votes

Appeal:Last Day Today

Dear lovely friends,

I have submitted my entry to the big world challenge.I would really love to have your support,to help me reach the career of my dreams.Ahh..I submitted it a bit late(yesterday),was caught up in something else,and then I thought just give it a try.

If you like it, Do not forget to vote me at

Topic: Backpack the Maldives

Doesn't matter if the votes are less,sadly all contests have votes these days.But what matters is at least I tried,and you all supported.Share with as many friends as you can,all your relatives public forum,websites,twitter,just about everywhere.

If you have an experience to share,do not hesitate to enter the Biggest Baddest Bucketlist,and you can count on votes from my side.

If you have a website or a blog,you can add the badge with my id,and your followers could vote and the code is:

<a href="" ><img src="" width="150px" height="150px" alt="Vote for me"></a>

Thank you so much



  1. What a lovely picture . The emotions to be free are the best .

    All the best .

    Travel India

  2. Thanks so much Vishal.Counting on the blessings from your side.Pray!


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