Listen to your heart By Gaurav Bhan


Motorbiking in Northern Thailand

Once upon a time there was a small child, who used to spend hours, slowly rotating his pet globe
with his little fingers. Merely looking at the names of different places in the world gave him
adrenaline rushes. He wanted to know how these places looked, what kind of people lived there,
how far these places were and that how could he go there.

Video on Delhi at Biggest Baddest Bucket List by Gaurav
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He grew up to be an engineer, ready to face this world and live his ordinary life – ‘to the fullest’. He
was however, destined to follow his inner calling. He got an opportunity to travel to London and he
instantly knew travelling is what he always wanted to do.

Soaking feet in Hot Water Spring

It has been 4 years since he has been backpacking across the world. Join him as he shows us Delhi’s
culture, food, religion, art, history and its people. Watch the well known places as well as the secrets
of this city.

Uphill to Pang Ma Pha

There is always a little child, sitting quietly inside our hearts with his eyes waiting for us to discover him once again. Through his work and his conversations, our presenter wants to reach out to you and leave you with a question – ‘Who do you really want to be?’

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