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We seldom know people who are famous,perceiving them as famous.But there are some who remain grounded,some who don't speak calculated truths or give fake smiles.They are there,just like us,but famous.One such is Kate Bracks.

                                                                    The lovely Kate smiling all the way

                                                                                 Kate in a green sari

Kate Bracks was the winner of the third series of MasterChef Australia,the mother of three children lives in Orange and was previously a school teacher.She's a charming vibrant lady and her expressions speaks the passion for cooking with intensity that can lit several fireworks or may be the kitchenette of India and the world together.For all those who do not know her,lets have a quick recap on her win:

                                                               Video on Kate Bracks Masterchef win

It was my rare opportunity to witness the gala event,invited by Sameeksha and Seema as part of media invite.So I was there,standing in front,taking pictures all the way from the start to the end.Inorbit mall,Bangalore was where the event was happening.That was where I met Praveen from Wooplr,an online shopping recommendation website.I have fallen in love with Wooplr several times,and whenever I think about my shopping needs or where to shop,I look around wooplr with search as "Bangalore" and whoa,I get real recommendations on where to buy what and for much!Earlier I used to ask my friends,but now with the technology things have become simpler,easier.

Kate Bracks came at around 5 in a resplendent green sari,all bubbly and jovial with the new garment she was wearing.She told it isn't that difficult to carry a sari,rather easy and she is loving it.Then was the introduction of the chef and later the program commenced.

                               One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

I secretly wanted to steal every recipe of her,and try and test in my small Kitchen.She spoke like a professor in cooking,she knew what we get in India,what we don't.So if we don't get hazelnuts,we can add almonds,peanuts accompanied by their respective oils.She knew what to do to make a dish delicious and what to do when the bottom of the baking pan burns(it happens with cakes,lot of time ;)). She knew everything which an expert cook would know,but contrary to some of us who are born with a passion of cooking,she wasn't. She developed the passion with the support of her husband and her children and her mother.

Here's a sweet peek-a-boo into her journey to Master chef and her visit to India,her comfort food,how she handles pressure,and how she tried Halwa.She's also an inspiration to those who do not fill up contest forms,thinking they won't win.People win when they really put their hearts into it and the live example is Kate Bracks.

                                                           Video on Kate Bracks Visit To India

At the end of the event,was the cool question answer round session where some of the lucky few got a chance to put forward their questions and received gift hampers.One lucky person won a weekend stay for two at the luxury hotel.

In 2012 she released her first cookbook “The Sweet Life”.

                         Here's a quick glance through what she says about her cookbook.

During the event, Mr. Indraneel Majumdar, General Manager of Inorbit mall said “Nothing can be better than hosting an international celebrity, especially a MasterChef. I am glad Kate could come to Inorbit mall and give some basic culinary tips to people who are passionate about cooking. Cooking is an art and Kate has brought an international artistic flavor to the mall and to the audience. I am delighted that she was able to engage our mall visitors with her infectious enthusiasm.”

You can connect with her at
Website: http://katebracks.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kate_bracks
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KateBracks


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