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What is Kayaking?

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Kayaking is the use of a Kayak for moving across water.At Flameback Lodges Mudigere India,I did my first recreational Kayaking in a double seated Kayak.Kayaking and Canoeing are also known as paddling.

Kayak vs. Canoe
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The difference between Kayaking and Canoeing are the number of people seated in the boat,the paddles and the seating position.

Types of Kayaking

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White Water Kayaking : Whitewater kayaking involves taking a kayak down rapids, weirs and waterfalls.

Recreational Kayaking : Recreational kayaking is ideal for individuals looking for a low impact recreational experience that can be done on ponds, lakes and slow moving rivers.

Sea Kayaking :  Sea kayaking, also referred to as ocean kayaking or touring, involves taking kayaks out on to the ocean or other open water such as a lake.

How To Kayak

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This is one of the best videos I found on Internet,on how to Kayak.It practically teaches you the basic steps,so guys have a look before you start

White Water Kayaking in India:Rivers & Sites 

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Thrillophilia Top 5 Kayaking Destinations
SlideShare Top 5 Kayaking Destinations
How Stuff Works Kayaking

1)Shivpuri & Brahmapuri,Rishikesh

The 12 km kayaking expedition in Rishikesh begins at Brahmapuri. It is a 2 day trip advised for beginner Kayakers to learn and experience first hand,the dangers rapids hold.


The Brahmaputra river expedition starts at Tuting where theTsang Po River of Tibettransforms into the SiangRiver of Arunachal Pradeshand ends atDibrugarh, between whichthere are a plethora of highlevel rapids for kayakers.It is a whole 15 day trip

3)Subansari River,Arunachal

The subansari river is thebiggest tributary of theBrahmaputra. This can be completed in around 10 days. It has grade3+ rapids and is a good wayfor rafting enthusiasts with alittle experience to tackle a bitbigger challenge

4)Zanskar River,Ladakh

This 12 day trip is reallyworth the physical toll on eexperiences when it comes to the adrenaline rush and alsothe pristine nature thatenvelops the river. It has several rapids ranging indifferent levels

5)Kali River,Karnataka

River in Karnataka is perfect for amateur rafter and kayakers. There are plenty of rapids and plenty of nature to keep everybody hooked. It’s agreat place to learn the basics of kayaking and understand the waves better.

Canoeing in India:Rivers,Sites


Some of the suitable areas in Uttaranchal for Canoeing are Rishikesh, Dakpathar and the Ramganga in Corbett National Park.

2)Canoeing,Jammu & Kashmir

J&K Kayaking and Canoeing Association in collaboration of the J&K Sports Council and the Departments of Youth Services and Sports and Tourism had recently introduced Kayaking & Canoeing tournament in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. This is another event that is becoming popular amongst the people and the tourists in Jammu & Kashmir. The tournament takes place in Srinagar and works as a platform for the popularising water sports athletics.

3 day National Kayaking & Canoeing Tournament J & K

White water canoeing has wide possibilities in Lidder, Sindh, Drass, Suru, Indus, Zanskar, Chenab, etc.


 The National Level Kayaking & Canoeing Tournament, was on 8th Nov at Udaipur.It was also held at Ulsoor Lake in Bangalore.

4)Canoeing In Darjeeling 

White Water Canoeing, which are comparatively new in the Darjeeling Hills was introduced in year 1991. Since then this sport has gained immense popularity compelling DGHC Tourism to take up the sport in a very big way. The turbulent waters of the Rangeet with its multidimensional rapids provide adventure lovers with a variation meant for professionals

Some other Places where you can go for Canoeing in India are
Lake Paradise, Nanital; Dal Lake, Srinagar; Manasbal Lake, Srinagar; Nagin Lake, Srinagar; Mumbai.

Sea Kayaking:Sites 

1)Lakshwadeep : Lakshadweep is one of the best places for water sport activities including Kayaking

2)Andamans: Experience the perfect calm and the astounding silence with a kayaking trip through the mangrove treasures of Havelock Island. It is serene, picturesque and a great work out too!

Who Does Kayaking in India?












The Indian Kayaking and Canoeing Association


Kayaking Schools Worldwide

More details on Kayaking Courses Worldwide

1)Panjim,Goa India

National Institute of Watersports is running a kayaking classroom training course/program in Panjim, or it has provided such training courses/programs before.


2)Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

UKSA’s dinghy fleet is renewed on a regular basis and typically includes the latest boats from Laser.Enjoy being taught by highly experienced instructors


3)Pune,Maharashtra India

Inland windsurfing and sailing academy conducts Windsurfing,Sailing and Kayaking workshops


4)Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada

Exploring some of the tidal rapids on the east coast of Quadra Island. Students will learn the dangers and difficulties of tidal currents in Sea Kayaking


5)Boston, Massachusetts, United States

On this 12-day course join 9 new friends and your instructors on a sea kayak adventure in the Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area.


6)Broome, Australia

You’ll begin your sea kayaking adventure in the waters surrounding the Dampier Archipelago, a group of 42 rocky islands offering scrubby eucalyptus valleys and isolated coral reefs.


7)Balmaceda, Chile

While sea kayaking in Patagonia, you’ll encounter a variety of spectacular environments, from remote picturesque valleys with views of glaciated peaks to the wet and verdant coast. You may also have a chance to meet the people who inhabit the rugged land of Patagonia.


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