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Gud Morning Dear Travelers And Adventure Lovers,

Keeping in mind,that there are so many adventure sports enthusiasts,travelers as well as new genres of youngsters all set to make India and the world happy and safe,I have started with "Monday Candid Interview Mornings" where we grill( ;) ) each of those who made it!

This week we have..

"Neeraj Malve"

Neeraj Malve gets candid with Ankionthemove about all things adventurous and the journey with Bangalore Mountaineering Club(BMC) so far......!!!

                                  Neeraj Malve's(right side)"Sign of Victory" at Everest Base Camp,May 2011

Neeraj Malve

Neeraj Malve is the head of BMC. Bangalore Mountaineering Club was founded on 27th May 2004 as a community based organization for enthusiastic adventurers. BMC organize various adventures like: Paragliding, Scuba diving, Horse riding, Trekking, Rock climbing, Camping, White water rafting etc

                                                                        Trek To Shingani Gudda, Sept 2009

Can you brief us a little more about what you do?
I am an IT Engineer by profession and passionate adventurer & traveler from childhood who keep seeking opportunities to get away from day to day life to explore the unseen world.

                                       Children's Day Out At Children's day charity event Nov 2010

Tell us something about yourself. What was your motivation behind not choosing a main stream career? What was the reaction of your family and friends when you told them about the business idea? Were they supportive?

Yes I am into mainstream career work as a full time IT Professional. It was never a business idea, I got into it accidentally. From my school days I used to go out on hiking up mountains and forests with friends. When I moved to Bangalore in 2003 I kind of got into “Bangalore way” of stress busters – movies, malls, pubs. But it couldn’t sustain for long. Thirst of mountains and forest was still developing; I had to struggle for one year, as I didn’t get like-minded friends or any club, community to join. That led to birth of BMC. Parents were always encouraging knowing my love towards such activities. BMC gave me few real good friends who not only encouraged but also supported in building the BMC.

                                                                      Sakleshpur Railway Track Trek      
What were the problems that you faced in the initial stages of the project and how did you overcome them?

The idea was not well accepted by few of my well-wishers due to risks factors, that helped me take adequate precautions for myself and the group. I used to have language problem in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, but since it’s a group activity we always get volunteers to become a spokes person in respective languages.

In your opinion what is it that makes you different from your competitors?   

Our weekend fixed departures makes different from competitors. Our competitors conduct activities but expect clients to make their own groups. Where as BMC welcome even individual to join our programs.
                                                                 Paragliding Training Program : 2007,2009

What’s your vision with regards to travel and adventure?

 Making Adventure Tourism reach to common men/women is our vision. Adventure tourism was a lifestyle of particular set of people and in last 9 years we have contributed  a lot to make activities like trekking, camping, scuba diving, paragliding easily accessible to newbies who doesn’t know where and how to  start

Your venture is an inspiration for many people who want to chase their dreams and do what they like even if it is out of their league. What would you like to say to them?

More than having right business model its important to be passionate about the idea. In the initial phase till the venture is self-sustained its important to learn each and every area than being dependent on hired skills.

Twitter: @bmcindia

Neeraj a Dedication for your Hard Work for over 8 years :)

 Anki S Thanks Neeraj Malve for the candid chat.

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