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Women's Day:The Serai Way

                                            “A witty woman is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power.”

Charles Malik in his quotes on Women's Day very aptly said "The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world".The mobilization has to begin in our own corners.We celebrate all the occasions "Father's day,Mother's day,Valentine's day,Brother's day,Sister's day but we seldom celebrate a day to womanhood in spite of us having a women's day.We take it as just another day . Rohita informed a group of bloggers of different genres,that this time she promises us the time of our lives when we celebrate women's day with the most creative women on earth...well ,if not on earth then yes on the land of emerging geniuses in Bangalore.That's when we realized how important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes(which we do) and our she-roes(which we did)!

Bloggers Day Out At The Serai Chikmagalur

                                     Me Drawing after years...after a word of inspiration from Alicia ;)

We were to assemble at the CCD Square near UB City at around 7:30 am on a cool breezy Friday morning.It was my first visit to the CCD Square,a huge CCD outlet across UB City.First came Swapna(Food Blogger) with her two bags,I quickly realized I know her,but not that much,because of the fact that we have had met only once at the Four Seasons Meet.A cute dimple,and yes she was the one who I met before but do not remember.

She quickly glanced through,and was surprised that I just have one school bag while she has two.Later she confessed,its because of the laptop and the camera,that she had to carry another.

Then came Alicia,and I was a little surprised to see another familiar face.I had met Alicia(Illustrator) at Tanishq Mia on Wheels event first time.She had a small box with her,and again it was me who was carrying barely no luggage.I confess,I was at that time thinking "Did I miss something,if everyone's being a fashionista,then I have no clothes that make me look gorgeous,I had clothes which I generally wear,and what if next arrives fashion bloggers all dressed tip to toe like a fashionista".Then came Margeret and Tanisha,we all were more than surprised to have Margeret in our team of bloggers.A 62 year old,and unless she told us her age,we thought she's a charming lady in her 40's.Tanisha(Food + architecture blogger) was equally sweet.Then came Smrithi(Fashion blogger),and wow the third hit,I met her at the Tanishq event before.Then came Imsu(Fashion blogger),Manvi(Fashion blogger) and Rohita and Deepika(organizers).We were in total 10-11 ladies,what a gang.We ordered our breakfast and then we were all set for the journey of 5 hours,to Chikmagalur.

The journey was long,so we slept,watched "Jab we met" and slept again.Some of us,clicked pictures of each other while we were sleeping.Finally the big gate opened and we were there at the Serai.The Serai,at Chikmagalur was an experience in  itself.The welcome was truly refreshing,we were all welcomed with tika on our forehead and garland on us.

We then had a refreshing drink,and we slowly stood up to view the view which we seldom see in India.In front of us was

" A superb view of an infinite pool,the villas resembling huts from a distance,and at the end was the horizon of Chikmagalurian mountains smiling at each of our awestruck faces"

We took a quick around the Serai,to know where is what.At one side was the numerous option of indoor games,at the other side was the spa.At one side was the shop with blings and other things,at other side was the dining area.At one side was the excitement in our hearts,at other side was the surprise.Yes,a surprise,that awaited us beautifully that night.We quickly headed onto our rooms,after a brief introduction and reintroduction to each other.My roommate was Manvi. The moment we opened our room with our keys,we were kind of relaxed.Wow what a place,was on each of our minds.We chose not to speak to each other,for a few minutes,loving each moment that made the place so heavenly.

The huge wash rum was an added bonus.It also had an open shower.In front of our rooms was a separate pool.The place was romantic,incredibly romantic.

The Night Surprise,The Serai Chikmagalur

    “A living poem" had always been the words that came to mind when he tried to describe her to others.”

 Next was our surprise.What do you call an arrangement done with candles,wines, barbecue and subtle hint of lighting along the poolside.It is one of the beautiful moments,when our giggles, synchronize with every tasty bite of food.Then came the discussion,the cycles,are we all going cycling tomorrow I didn't wanted to,this time,I wanted to be slow and sleepy in my soft cushion bed,and not wake up at 6 to cycle.So I said no,but a few gals did go for their own cycling adventure next morning.When we woke up,I quickly headed onto the next room number to check on the ladies how fun was cycling.And to my surprise 4 of them were in the pool in front of their rooms,chatting and giggling,and discussing random stuff.

We went to have the nutritious breakfast and lunch.This was a pleasant change from the usual.We then went to have our coffee and snacks at the rear end of the resort(a garden with a tent in middle).And then was our chocolate making session.Do you know how to make home made chocolates?We didn't but when we got to know all the process in front of our eyes,it wasn't that difficult.So next time when I have a party at home,I am gonna make my own chocolates ;).Rohita,me,Alicia,Smriti and Swapna,we went to the in house shopping store where Rohita fell for a yellow pair of sandals.The collection was versatile.The day ended on discussion on dogs,cats and other things.Yes,we all have something in common,we are all animal lovers

The Tractor Ride of our Dreams,Chikmagalur

                                                                       A Very Happy Get-together

Next day was our trip to CCD plantations.When we sip our coffee at the CCD outlets,we do not care what goes into the process of the making.A few of the gals did yoga(yes yoga ;) ) in the morning.We then head onto the CCD plantations,and  the most amazing tractor ride till date.I often had a dream of hopping into one of those hay filled Bollywood laden trucks going nowhere.Each one of us hopped into backside of a tractor,and then was the tipsy curvy journey in the plantations spread on the mountains.At one time,was the huge scream on an almost vertical dip,and we almost falling on each other in the truck,the other time,we were busy saving our head from the bushes,leaves and the trees.We then stopped at one of the water holes,and enjoyed crossing and walking the small stream of water.Came back,and we drank the cool nariyal pani. Then was the how to make coffee session from CCD.

The coffee beans are dried and roasted,till it becomes almost black,and gives out a fresh coffee aroma.We then add chicory,and blend.The whole process is very well described in Alicia D Souza's cute illo :).The taste was surprisingly very different and fresh.

                             Alicia cute ILLO on bean to cup.Check out her page for many more such

We took the same tractor and were back.By this time,we were all tired,and wanted to sleep.But how can we sleep without the dip in the infinity pool.The pool that was blue,the pool that wanted us to be there,inside.So there we all go in the super cool pool..

When you are tired,a spa can only make you feel reborn.And that's what it did.Next was the Oma spa.A wow experience.We went for our dinner,and today we had live music.The gentlemen sang for us songs in Hindi,English,Romantic Songs,Akon songs,and danced.We didn't wanted it all to end,it was just a dreamy world out here,unlike what we live everyday.

Bye Bye Serai,Chikmagalur

Next day was Faiza ready with her camera,all set to click our pictures. Faiza took shots which speaks,every angle measured,every location hunted,and she like a diva,made us all a super diva.We all had our group picture ,and then we all were ready to go into the same old world.

                                                                  Faiza captures a sweet moment of mine

Yes,with a promise that we'll all stay connected,lets see.

/*The pictures above are taken by Faiza Sheikh and Me.Reproduction of image in whole or part on internet is prohibited .Pictures are compressed for better page load*/

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  1. Republic of chic and vintage obsession are some of gav fashion both the girls...and looks like an awesome meet :)

  2. A very nice write up! This should motivate people to travel to such exotic locations, especially women travelers.

  3. @Shooting Star:Yep they both are awesome in their own ways :).The meet was excellent,we should have more like these in India.

  4. @Subramaniam Meenakshisundaram:Thanks Subramaniam.Yes there are so many exotic locations in India,we are still unaware of.Bringing them up one by one.Gud to c you here :)

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