A Warm Hi From Canada


Dear Friends,
[Live Blogging,Niagara,19/6/2013,12 am]

While silently riding through the biking routes on Toronto Islands with the soft cotton seeds around and in front of me made me think "Am I the only one who love Canada or is it the all of us?".

There are many reasons to fall in love in Canada and get trapped in its warmth forever.From the best designer shopping deals to the musical display on road to the funky creative graffiti along the street to the people always "ready to help" to the towns named after countries i.e Greektown,Koreatown,Chinatown to the most visited but still magnificent and virgin Niagara,Canada is spectacular.


Graffiti is one of the few tools you have if you have almost nothing. And even if you don't come up with a picture to cure world poverty you can make someone smile .

The road full of interesting and visually appealing graffiti and us posing around just everywhere.It's all so colorful...You'd love to love it.No escape :) and yeah its safe too.
So if you go solo or in a group,you'd have fun
The sun sets here at 9:30 pm and rises at 5:30 am..

Cycling in the Toronto islands

The CN Tower and the city Skyline Toronto

Where am I heading to??Any answers...

View from my room balcony of one of the most beautiful waterfall in the world

So there it goes,a quick peek-a -boo to what I am into! Got amazing responses from my followers on :

-Where to eat for free :P or almost on a budget ?
-What food is famous in Toronto?
- Best shopping buys in Toronto(gals I need it :))
-What else can be seen or done in and around TORONTO?
-What would you like me to say or do in the ONTARIO video?
-Which country would you like me to visit after Maldives,Scotland and now Canada?
-Been to Ontario before?share your pics and videos to be uploaded in the next blog post.

You can also help me discover Ontario more,all you have to do tell me on why and how?You can either mail me along with your photograph answers to the questions above or you can simply put in your sweet magical words in my comment box.

The responses which I have got would be consolidated in a single blogpost very very soon ;)


  1. u r going on Niagra aerial view trip?
    so so lucky gal ...njoy

  2. Canada well revealed. Lovely pictures.

  3. kudos....u are a rambler. 'Behta paani nirmala' ^_^

  4. @Krithi:Yup it was a super duper trip..and yeah we went on aerial tour of Niagara.The excellent top shot of the fall and the area around.Anyone will fall in love :)

  5. @Arumugam Easwar:Thank you so much :).I just found it's one of the places I would love to settle in eventually,its a lovely mix of cultures from around d world..


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