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The Kashmir Diaries[Jammu - Leh]

        Getting an inch of snow is like winning 10000 in the lottery.

My peace of mind finds its solace in a place where peace never cease to exist.The situation though is changing but a minor tiff here and there is as usual as anything else.It's everytime I think all is over,a news flash comes "10 people injured,curfew,attacks!" You must be knowing what place I am talking about 

None other than Kashmir.Yes,Kashmir.

         The upcoming thrill activities in Kashmir are a treasure
                   like hot air ballooning,zorbing,paragliding and many many others.

Kashmir stands out amidst millitia,amidst occasional anti-Indian slogans,amidst sometimes rude attitude of pony walas and what makes it an irresistible catch is the hot kahwa at Dal lake,the ripe apples in Gulmarg,the white fresh snow on hilltop,the lush green and the bare deserted landscapes,the handsome and beautiful locals of Kashmir,the genuinely warm people who amuse us rather with their sweetness,the daily truth on what everyone wants 'PEACE is what they say',the past war zone 'KARGIL',the immensely popular Leh and the term 'Siachen'.

                                             How far can your dreams take you,mine took me to Siachen

If there's one place in India that has its surreal and pure beauty intact inspite of the frequent disturbances and high touristic intake,its Kashmir.Though tourists generate revenue there should be rules to regulate the touristic numbers or educate them to not make a place dirty "just because it's not there place".Kashmir for instance has changed in some ways in last 4 years and Ladakh has become overcrowded,though the mother nature is kind enough to still bestow its beautiful rays on the most loved place in India,but for how long is the question?

                                                             This is something you don't see very often                  

The dynamic change in landscape and cultural differences between Srinagar and Leh is profound.It's almost a poetry which transcends from the green and soft to the most rugged and bare.The route from Manali - Leh is an adventure thousands take every year open only during the summer months.But Summer isn't the only season or reason to visit Kashmir.Winters in Kashmir is beautiful too.

Been there thrice and still it feels like calling me and seducing me with its charm.One place I can never get bored of and one place which is just not another mini-Switzerland or Switzerland of India but Kashmir.Kashmir in itself is a name,a brand which is slowly and slowly showing the world 'how beautiful it is or can be'.I would happily love to invade it time and again with my friends,with family or may be future grandchildren.Many of my friends say 'If I love the peaceful town life so much,why don't I settle at someplace and become a farmer',not a bad idea though. At least for a month or two,doesn't hurt to be a farmer in the remote lands of Kashmir with the fresh warm breeze in the morning and no 'ATTACKS'!

                       Best way to get rid of kitchen odors: Eat out ( On my way from Kashmir - Jammu)

I would any day prefer travelling to Kashmir in a group than solo.Mostly because it's a place you can enjoy with your friends the best way,there are 100's of places to explore,unexplored trekking routes,food,biking,cycling,rafting or just posing.Kashmir can be very unpredictable at times and things can go haywire anytime.Though when in Kashmir you wouldn't find yourself alone or scared as the security forces are always on guard and people in general are nice.However it is best to control your religious views/biased views on anything,even a minute talk can create disputes.Respect the place and the people and they'll love you back.

                                                Not New-Zealand,Not Switzerland,Not Canada but India....

So,let's all be together in this journey and help each other know more about Kashmir.Here's how I am going about it,not in the same order thou ;):

  • Backpacking Kashmir
  • Jammu - Leh & Manali - Leh
  • Good food in Kashmir and learn some
  • Adventure Sports and Kashmir
  • Ladakh - All you need to know
  • Permits and etc
  • Jammu and Vaishno Devi
  • Blogs on Kashmir and What people say

My Blog is Your Blog,So contribute your Kashmir Stories

   Have you ever walked on thin - cracked ice of a lake?It isn't impossible

If you are a Kashmir enthusiast like me and if you already have travelled on this route,do not forget to drop in your blog name in the comments and 2-4 lines on why you love Kashmir.All will be added in the upcoming posts.


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  1. I'm little jealous of you! Several times i planned for Leh, but cudnt make it 4 some reasons.
    BTW Amazing clicks and yup, u made it easy 4 me! :)

  2. Hi Anki!

    I had been to Kashmir last month. Such a beautiful place. Unfortunately we could not make it to Leh, as our car got breakdown on Srinagar Leh road.

    We were just one mountain away from LOC, seen deserted Indian Army Bunkers, did Skiing, sledging, Pony ride, hiking on 14,oooft height, last but not least went shirtless in -5 degree temperature when rain was falling in the form Ice.

    Hard to describe in words. Simply Kashmir is a Paradise

  3. @Anupam Karn:It's gonna be easy now,I have had many queries in the past asking me how to do leh and how to do Kashmir.So I thght I better write.Don't be J :)cauz Kashmir is evolving I was there when It was pre-mature now it has grown up with so many things to do,things I missed :(

  4. Hi Vasco,

    Gr8,Just last month,wow!Sad to hear about the car but next time make sure you do the whole thing.Or best rent a bike and ride down Manali-Leh.

    I guess you are talking about Gulmarg(Skiing and all) and the one point which is jst a mountain away from LOC.I have been thre.Ha ha ha went shirtless sounds crazy,yeah but then those are the memories which remain.Which all places have you been in Kashmir : Srinagar - Gulmarg - Pahalgam - Sonmarg?

    I knw..I wish I get to go there evey month,I am in love with the place.Keep writing.


  5. @Vikram Karve:Thanks Vikram.Visit the place,its beaautiful :)

  6. you ve made me immensely jealous...just wish if i could only grab in all the chill of kashmir from your album.

  7. i want to go here next :)
    Bful post Anki as always

  8. @Jiggyasa:Thanks and I love the place so much that I sometimes wish I just live their forever.But with peace,not war.

  9. @Krithi:Yes,make a plan.It'll be worth it :)

  10. @Joshi Daniel:Thank you so much,yes no words to describe this Indian beauty.

  11. Hi Ankita,
    I've been to Leh but not during winters but still it was lovely...I would love to stay in those serene mountains again...

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  13. Ahan! Feeling nostalgic. Too good.


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