Canada Calling:Plan And The Pre-Excitement


The sunny sun shines on my face and guess what guys "I just got my visa to CANADA" and I am happy as hell.

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                                                        This is just the beginning,the stories are yet to come.

Yes,I am going to Canada and in a week's time.The Canadian Embassy have been kind enough to approve it and deliver it in 6 days flat to my address in Bangalore,will write about the process pretty soon.

I have been smiling since then like a toddler who's got those colorful cadbury gems,Canada does that to me.Ever since I heard my friends and folks say the Canadian Niagara is visually better than the US Niagara,I wondered when and when and when will I go and see the magnificent beauty of tonnes of flowing water.And the time is NOW and I got loads of pre-shopping done.Okay,I do not deny buying a Marks and Spencer just a week back(Guys,it was huge huge sale) and now I have got to flaunt it all in Canada.

I have got the internal zeal flowing like a radiant mellow ever since I got my tickets of Air Canada.This would be the first time I would be boarding a national carrier and I have heard immensely good things about it.And joining me would be Madhvi,Kiran,Preeti,Shalini and Rakesh.

The Ontario Tourism website and the Canada Tourism website contains everything that is practically required to be known,and helping you further with your queries and suggestions would be ME :).

As of now the tentative plans are - 


                          "wow that landing pad sure is wide & watery",Image Source: Attractionsontario

Of course guys!It's a must.We are planning to take the aerial tour of Niagara first before we get closer and closer to the bottom of the falls.I can imagine the 'rain like mist' from the falls all over me.Then we discover the charming and romantic town of 'Niagara - on - the - lake' and tingle our taste buds at Inniskillin Winery.Not in that order though.


Ah my plane lands in Toronto with a stopover at Frankfurt,Germany.So Toronto of course deserves a visit.Plan is I might roam around the major neighborhood and attractions and the shopping districts along with museums and the CN Tower.


                                 I feel we are all islands - in a common sea.Image Source:

There are 3 islands located in the harbor of Lake Ontario about a ferry ride from the mainland.Interestingly the main island is Center island where there is a small amusement park and Hanlon's point which is Toronto's Clothing Optional beach.Phew!


 Good composition is like a suspension bridge - each line adds strength and takes none away.Image Source: HotelBlueMountain

Blue mountain is full of restaurants,cafes and boutiques.We also plan to walk the suspension bridge and explore the scenic caves and enjoy a relaxed Nordic bath at a spa.

That was it.Yes,that was it.I haven't traveled yet and these are plans,but I know you can see the excitement right there.I would be leaving 14th and would be taking you all along with me through my blog,twitter and Facebook.

Wish me luck and loads of fun or just suggestions like
-Where to eat for free :P or almost on a budget ?
-What food is famous in Toronto?
- Best shopping buys in Toronto(gals I need it :))
-What else can be seen or done in and around TORONTO?
-What would you like me to say or do in the ONTARIO video?
-Which country would you like me to visit after Maldives,Scotland and now Canada?
-Been to Ontario before?share your pics and videos to be uploaded in the next blog post.

Already feel like travelling to Canada?Let me explore the why's and where's and I promise your journey would be more easy and relaxed.

Thank you all

-Anki S.


  1. Have fun!

  2. Thanks Niranjan.Will have loads of fun :)

  3. Hi Ankita!

    Hope you have an amazing time in Canada.

    Niagara Falls: I definitely recommend Journey Behind The Falls, prefer it even to the Maid of the Mist. When in Niagara Falls, go to Perkins for Breakfast- you wont regret it. It is near the old Fallsview Casino.

    You could go cherry picking at E.D. Smith Farm. It is on the way between Niagara Falls and Toronto. There is also Andrews Scenic farm which has amazing blueberries, strawberries etc

    Toronto has an amazing collection of small neighbourhoods. I definitely recommend a trip to Kensington Market, China Town(Spadina), Greek town(Danforth)and Little India(Gerrard St- incase you get home sick). One of my favourite neighbourhoods is the beaches( Queen St W). There are a lot of cafes, boutique shops, patio restaurants and of course a quick access to the beaches.

    There are cheap eats throughout Toronto. You just have to pick what you feel like eating and maybe look at dineTO and you will definitely find an option in your budget.

    Shopping: There is great shopping at Orfus road. Its really cheap stuff. There are many factory outlet stores there so you sometimes find a steal.

    Go watch a baseball game( if possible) at the Rogers Skydome or do the Edge walk on CN tower.

    I hope you have an amazing visit to Canada.

  4. If you can venture outside Toronto. You should definitely visit the nation's capital - Ottawa and enjoy a sliver of French Canada with a visit to Montreal. You wont regret it.

    I would recommend Mont Tremblant in Quebec over BLue Mountain. Happy travels!

  5. promises to have a lot in store for you. never been there, but heard so much about it....

  6. your excitement. i wish you a super awesome trip. have fun :)

  7. @Saima Shah:Sorry for not catching up early onto your comment,but what an incredible description.Thanku thanku thanku so much for your suggestions and I hope I get to do it all :) .Do you stay in Canada?

  8. @Krithi:Dun b..Cauz very soon I am gona be jealous of ur US trip :)

  9. so much.Yeah same here,heard so many gud things n now is the time to go n explore :)

  10. @Jiggyasa:Thanku dear,I feel as if it's gonna be magical and hopefully I get to see a few maple leaves too..Lets c,but yeah super happy.Thanks for dropping by..


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