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A popular travel blogger "Mridula" writes in her journal in Oct 2010 Rajasthan Trip "Skywatch Friday- Colors against the Blue Blue Sky"and pens it down as "I was listening to my voice and I can hear the excitement in it".Watch her Hot Air Ballooning videos here :   Take Off  Up in the air

                                                               My first Night Flight in Singapore

Such magic is done by the balloons that the world beneath look small,smaller than you think.I have had my first ballooning night flight in Singapore which was an impulsive trip in 2008,and the views from above where no less than Google maps.Let's see a super cool video 5th Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2013 to witness the cutest hot air balloon on earth

Hot Air Ballooning is a comparatively new sport in comparison with other sports.But the popularity of the sport is growing at its own pace.Recently Darjeeling,Pench and Jammu Kashmir are new additions to Hot Air Ballooning hot destinations.

                               Hot Air Ballooning in Gulmarg,Image Source: Travelnewsdigest

Let's take you to the most recent development in this field:

Off Road Adventures, Darjeeling:

In an interview with Sangay Sherpa of Off Road Adventure,Darjeeling,he tells us

"It's been 4 years we are into paragliding and 2 years into hot air ballooning in Darjeeling.To avail these sports,one must have normal BP and his weight should be more than 40kg. We also have paragliding pilots with more than 100 flying hours and we are soon to launch solo Paragliding courses in October.Till now we provide tandem flights or joy rides and tethered hot air ballooning ride.The mountain terrain is such that we cannot have a free without ropes ballooning ride in Darjeeling.We are a popular adventure sports company in Darjeeling and our motive is to popularize adventure sports in this section of land.We also arrange adventure courses of 7 days for school children of age group 8 - 18.For those who are looking for alternate ways of staying in Darjeeling,we provide camping options at Tiger Hill.We conduct 7a 7b national championship rock climbing for professionals.The cost for a tandem paragliding in Darjeeling is Rs 3000.For hot air ballooning its 1500/- per person for 10 people and 15000/- for a solo flight."

IISM, Jammu & Kashmir:

Gulmarg has been attracting world-wide skiiers since long,and now to the addition of adventure sports in Gulmarg is Hot Air Ballooning.The director of the Department of Tourism, Jammu and Kashmir, Talat Parvez,says

"In a bid to add new dimension to adventure tourism, we have started hot air ballooning. The successful demonstration took place and we are using it on a safety mode and it has been properly anchored. The pilot hails from Rajasthan and is well trained. The tourists by sitting in the hot air balloon will get to witness a panoramic view of Gulmarg from the sky. We hope that this becomes a regular feature for Gulmarg so that tourists who come for entertainment and who come to see snow should get an opportunity to see the snow covered valley. We are expecting large number of tourists".

The cost of Hot Air Ballooning according to IISM website is Rs 5000 for 5 days and the session runs from Aug - Oct.

Skywaltz, Rajasthan:

The most popular of them all is Skywaltz.SkyWaltz is the first company in India that has been licensed by the government to do ballooning on a commercial basis.Started in 2008, Skywaltz provides soaring hot air ballooning experience over Jaipur,Pushkar,Ranthambore,NCR & Neemrana. The cost of one 60 minute flight is approximately Rs 10,000.After the completion of the flight,you get Certificate of First Flight, duly signed by your pilot.Balloons are flown by highly experienced international pilots from the UK and USA.

Balloon Club of India,New Delhi:

The Balloon Club of India in New Delhi organizes hot air balloon safaris, as well as the India International Hot Air Balloon Mela in November each year. It's a balloon fair where joyrides are possible.

Tiger Ballon Safaries,Various Location In India:

Tiger Balloon Safaries offer commercial ballooning experience at various parts of the country including Pench and Gurgaon.They also offer festival flights at Pushkar Fair,Jaisalmer Desert Fair,Nagaur Fair,Hampi festival and Suraj Kund Crafts Mela.The cost per flight is Rs 12000/-

For my own adventure,I might be on a seaplane next in Scotland :).

Hope you liked the article.Hoping to see amazing comments

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