Scotland Revisited:The warmest Hi once again

Dear Dairy,

It isn't always that all your senses are tempted to and played with again.But I consider myself lucky.The things I missed last time in Scotland in April was the ones I was head on,in this trip.The previous posts were as:

Many of my folks have asked me "What is there in Scotland and why should we go there at all?".But today I let the pictures speak for themselves,Scotland isn't just one of the many trips,it is special.

And what more than one year to the next Common wealth games to celebrate with.Let's begin..the journey has just started and I am hear you tell you the untold stories of Scotland.The destination which you must have only seen in dreams..and wondered where?The answer lies here,yes everyone,just here.

Anki S.
Loch Lomond,Scotland 10:50 PM,26-07-2013

    Me cycling,at the Chris Hoy Velodrome,the official Commonwealth 2014 Games venue at Glasgow.You can try your hand too.It's incredible because these are unusual bikes which you have to
            ride on slant circular tracks.The higher you paddle,the more level up you go!  

     Scotland has great welcoming ambiance,sweet people and cool music.
  The above picture @One year to go Commonwealth celebrations

 There is a way out of every dark mist, over a rainbow trail.This one's straight out of my hotel window.Would you want to settle in a place like this?

Where history meet contemporary. Each museum is decoratively created where even if
you ain't fond of history you can spend almost a day or two admiring the awe-inspiring sculptures architecture and beauty

There's music in the landscape.
The amazing countryside which creates a melody.

                    Watch the video below to get an insight for the upcoming Commonwealth Games 2014


That's it for today.If you have been to Scotland share your most beautiful memories and I'll publish it in my next blogpost..

Cheers folks :)

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