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Toronto : Alive and Contemporary
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                                      Where every point of view is beautiful @ On top of CN Tower

It's the magnum opus of CN Tower being woven continuously to this day in the landscape of truly cosmopolitan Toronto that I try to play hide and seek with but it appears from wherever I travel from.With Toronto,comes surprises.If you have been thinking where I had been all the while,let me tell you 1) I was holding onto my sweet and famous Canadian Georgian Hills Icewine and wondering if I should save it or just drink.If I drink I wouldn't be left up with the apple flavored frozen grapes made wine which of course I wouldn't be getting in India.One of the souvenirs I bought.There are many other small little things I bought.We'll discuss souvenirs later

The Canadian Ice Wine is not only famous but rich in taste
Can you spot something else?
My Canadian Tee-Shirt ;)

2)I was busy penning down my Canadian stories and realized there are so many that not even a book would be enough. 3)I thought I would edit the video guide first,but believe me this time I took 90 shots,yes 90 hd shots and editing will take time.So if you haven't watched my sweet and lovely 30 seconds Ontario trailer,click here:

And last but not the least,if you do feel jealous of my Canadian Endeavors,do not forget to write words of gossip(for ladies) and suggestions(for men) in my comment box.You could also help others by sharing your recommendations and stories.And before we proceed "LET ME TELL YOU WE ARE GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER TRAVELLER'S MEET VERY VERY SOON IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CITY THAN BEFORE -ANY GUESSES?"

Our stay and how we did Travel @ Toronto

The stylish Hotel le germain at Mercer Street was centrally located to the iconic CN Tower and the busy market area.We had a pleasant and comfortable stay on all 4 days at the hotel with the continental breakfast.If you do wish to stay there(which I would recommend) you can walk around Queen's Street,China Town and even CN Tower which are at very close vicinity .We also have WiFi facilities in the hotel.

                                                          cosy room @ Le Germain

The best way to get a general glimpse of the roads which was the first thing we did was to take a tour by the Toronto Bus Company.We got a chance to visit some of the interesting neighborhoods like Chinatown, Kensington market, Bloor-Yorkville,Queen street west and St. Lawrence Food Market.The summary on how to do Canada on your own will be put up in the last blogpost where we will over transport,budget stay and best places to cover.

The iconic CN Tower @ Toronto

                                                        You can't escape CN tower when in Toronto

CN Tower is Toronto's most famous landmark and probably most seen landmark.Holding a record for the world's tallest building and free standing structure for 30 years since its completion in 1976,it provides the view of the city that is second to none.It takes just about 58 seconds to be on the top of the tower at 147 stories.

The observation deck @CN Tower

The top of the tower isn't just the tower but an observation deck(from where you can look down 1222 feet glass),360 degree revovling restaurant and an edge walk if you dare(I found it a little costly for me $175 bucks for hanging on the edge,but I think that'll be worth the experience)

Dare you go! @ CN Tower

Museums that ain't boring but lively @ Toronto

The only word that comes to my mind when I think of museums is "Yawn,no way!".But of late,I have started liking the international ones.After Scotland,it was Canada's turn to showcase me the best of Museums.Adam(our tour guide,and editor of Dine) told us about the strinkingly interesting architecture of Royal Ontario Museum so we thought "May be".But we entered the museum we were like "Wow!Height of incredibleness".

Royal Ontario Museum,Toronto:The "ROM" as it is known to the locals is a crystal shard inspired design that not only transforms the museum but the whole of Bloor Street.

                                          Have I missed the battle?Let's practice at ROM :)

Starting with the prettiest to not so pretty doll section,to the gladiators section where we dressed up as primary school fancy dress gladiator attire and swords(oh..It was heavy,I wonder how they used to fight) to the world of crystals to the egyptian history to even dinosauras. There are 4 different floors with 4 different themes.At 12 o' we had Gladiator show at Ground 0.ROM has stolen my heart and I would recommend it to everyone who visits Toronto.It's one hell of a museum.Timing 10am - 5 pm

Moving ahead of ROM is the Bloor Street East.Along the same road are the many designer shops you might want to have a look at."Winners" is one shop which I would recommend buying designer upcoming fashion wear on sale. Moving ahead we passed through the line of designer cars on both side of the road.

                                          The cars we drive say a lot about us.How about this one?

Would you want to take one home(pic inset)?I wish I could.From convertible to batman cars to the vintage cars everything was on display.The beauty of Toronto is the theme of celebration changes everyday.Today was cars,tommorow could be something else.

Bata Shoe Museum,Toronto:How many pairs of shoes/sandals do you keep at home?4-5-6?Imagine 4 floors dedicated to two little lovely feet.

These are real shoes.Period.

Yes! A museum on shoes,sandals,chappals and a stunning collection of more than 12000 footwear.Some won by celebrities and some part of 4500 years of ancient history.Timings 10 am - 8 pm

Art Gallery of Ontario:The AGO features an impressive art collection you might like.Timing 10 am - 5:30pm

Gardiner Museum:The gardiner museum contains more than 2900 ceramic work from Europe,Asia & the Americas.Timing 10am - 6 pm

That's it for today.I hope I bought you bundles of creative museums you might have thoroughly enjoyed. Tomorrow we do some shopping in Toronto,discover food joints and do some cycling in the Toronto islands before we proceed onto the beautiful town of Niagara on the lake.

                                                   Tomorrow we earn some fat and burn some fat 


  1. Hi, I loved this write up. I had visited Canada in 2007 and I enjoyed my stay there thoroughly. I had been to Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. Of these three Ottawa remains my fav followed by Montreal. But I liked the CN tower and the glass floor on the top. Thanks so much for enlivening my memories

  2. How I wish to go places and enjoy as you do. Very good post and nice pics too.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. @Meera Sundararajan:My pleasure.I haven't been to Ottawa nor Montreal but someday I wish to go.Canada was beaautiful,no words to describe.What did you like the most about Ottawa?

  5. @Fayaz:Thanks Fayaz.I wish that your wish comes true someday and you get to travel as much as me or may be more

  6. that view from the top is excellent :)

  7. Hi Anki! I am an 18 year old and I have come to know about your blog a few days ago from an article in DC. I am really really interested in travelling around the world just like you as a backpacker! Before reading this blog,my mind was at a state of confusion as to how to start the journey and safety issues! But you have given all new level of inspiration!!!
    Thanks a ton..Keep exploring and keep blogging. :)

  8. Hi Anki! I am an 18 year old and i have come to know about your blog from an article in DC. I am really really interested in travelling around the world as a backpacker just like you! Before reading your blog,i have been questioning myself if i have the ability to travel around alone and safety issues but you have given me an all new level of inspiration. Thanks a ton!!1
    Keep blogging and keep inspiring. :)
    Wish you all the very best on your future explorations.


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