Clay Diaries:Top 10 Facts Why Bigger Is Supercool

12.04.2014 Frankfurt, Germany

I gathered myself to run as fast as I can to catch the very glimpse of the plane going up my building,almost hanging onto my terrace,’Can I see it’ I can hear it’ Can I? Yes yes..

And all I could was wish It was nearer so I could see it bigger.I remember in Delhi we have Safdarjung road from where the take off and landing are visible clearly,it was many a times I 'paused' on the road to just watch the planes arrive and go.It is the sense of contentment that I felt every time.

Planes my first crush and my very last.

'Bigger The Better Lufthansa A380' on clay

 ‘Bigger is better’ Always and you’d know why for Lufthansa A380! I don't just have one reason,there are 10 under my kitty.

Now imagine if the plane was bigger,I wouldn't have to hang to my terrace to see,It would be bigger and just there 'on my face'.May be my imagination takes me to a gigantic version of planes where whoosh ,it goes just above my terrace and I could see it the zoom most version as I can.But that is unlikely to happen,because planes sooner or later hide in the clouds which is by far the second most exciting thing to see after the feeling of touching the snow.The clouds bring in the child within all of us,with many of us randomly clicking pictures.I remember even if it was the 17th time I was travelling overseas,I adored the clouds,they look so different at every part of the world,yet we all know inside us,they are all the same.

Bigger planes means 'better my view from the terrace’ as long as it’s still there.

Or wait?Am I being silly?

The experience sure would be more rewarding.To begin with,bigger means either better leg space or more people.More people while travel means more friends.More friends means more conversations.More conversations means more stories.And more stories means a candid another blog post.

Now what makes the flight over New Delhi and Germany all the more interesting is the German language inclusion we are yet to decide on.Imagine your kids travelling by Lufthansa to Germany with a German traveler by his/her side.All she needs is a little chit chat,and she is already known to know the third language we are yet to introduce.

Hallo!Guten Morgen.Wie geht es dir?

Imagine we travelling to Frankfurt with an Indian traveler who was a stranger till now.We share what all places they plan to go and the next thing we know is we are travelling together to those places in none other than Germany!

Bigger means longer conversations,more stories and a new language.

Stretching would be easier !

I wonder why sometimes we are confined to a lookalike of a box when travelling long haul overseas.It tires,and nothing frustrates the lesser leg space. As to why it must be is because the bigger the planes the more the leg space and so we no longer have to confine ourselves in just the seat we are given,we can stretch!

The excise that we miss out daily at our homes,bigger the planes,bigger the passageway,bigger the space to walk or exercise,bigger the reason for a quick heads up for a while!

Bigger means I can stretch.

That ice cream and black forest cake
That we always dream of
But never get ;)

Still holding onto small packets of peanuts and tit bits,the bigger planes means the crew will have no excuse to give us just that.

That means more black forest cake and and some whiskies and some wine and the list goes on.The bigger ,the more I can get the real food.

Bigger means more food.

Yey! That means I could bring in more souvenirs..
The pink flower is actually a soap from Thailand !

Uncivilized as many would say in a civilized thing as a place would be waiting for the crowd to disperse while they still adjust their luggage blocking the passageway and killing our desire to sit relax as soon as we get in but we all face it one time or the other.Bigger means less passage crowd,we can sneak in and bigger means easy luggage space so you don't have to deliberately push in.

Bigger means less passage crowd and easy luggage space.

The two most important thing that I do while travelling is sleep and screen.Watching movies that I missed,and scrolling out screen to view one after another sans ads gives such peace.

Bigger planes means bigger screens and bigger screens means better ‘no-sleep’ time :)

No more tears...

Couples with babies,and their cries.There's nothing more annoying and cute at the same time.Babies are claustrophobic,they sense space.And when they do so,all the people get disturbed.Bigger planes means babies would be smiling.

Bigger means babies would be smiling.

Air hostess are always an eye candy.Immaculately dressed,its gorgeous to see how many passenger talk sweetly as long as they can.Bigger plans means more air hostesses,and more air hostesses means more sweet talk.

Bigger means more sweet talk.

Bigger = Better panoramic view

And also more panoramic Ariel view.

Taking in fact,that the bigger planes may have better window view,because they would cover places more than the normal planes down,we get to see a better world view when the cloud has parted.Frames would be bigger and so would be our candid shots!

Bigger means better frames with ‘world view’ down

While all these facts makes me glee like a kid,there are some more to talk about.Smaller planes shake.Bigger planes fly through.Smaller planes makes me feel like I am in a toy,bigger planes well make me go for the real big deal.All the more reasons to make me happy and you too...

And Bigger means less shake and more happiness!

Santa couldn't have got a better surprise this x-mas


  1. Congratulations in advance!

  2. @Ekta:Thanks Ekta,I just wrote a post,rest is upto god.But your wishes do count.Thanks :)


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