Shalom From Israel:The Land of Mysteries

12.19.2014 Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

My name is Ronan and my last name is Ram.Ram,your holy god.

We were shocked,the songs playing on his music player in the car were old Hindi songs.He said "All the Indian movies show pyar and flowers and singing in the garden as everything is nice as life is beautiful as how it is supposed to be;like heaven;

And then there is always evil mother in law,or don to add spice to movies, here the movies made are mostly serious documentaries on situation in Israel,well most of them".He with pride added "the sister of my mom married a musician from India,and so in our home everything is from India."We don't have to go to Theater to watch Indian movies.In earlier days,Indian movies were very popular here.We no need to travel in India to know the country,we know everything from our home.He talked about Shammi Kapoor, Amitabh Bachan, Dharmendra and even discussed Bollywood stories that made us think that 'are we at the right place'.And Yes we were.

I wouldn't recall the last time my own definition of 'religious places are extremely conservative' was defeated,unless Israel happened.How we limit our thoughts are generally based on how media ,paper wrap it.

Tel Aviv in Israel known as one of the best party places in the world and Jerusalem we all know how significant it is when it comes to religion but there is so much more to it.It's a city which goes beneath and above,like layers of tunnels and its fascinating.Never in the moment you will feel duh-uh which I usually do feel if it is a religious place.But its the mystery which unfolds one after the other that keeps you on your toes.Israel has the dead sea and the red sea.The Haifas,the Akkos and the Masadas. Israel is stunning and not as told.

So beginning this x-mas pre and post,I am going to share with you the place were I felt deep connection with god.The place which let me free myself,and see the world in a whole new way.We'll discuss supernaturals,jazz,food,float,shopping,making bread,having wine blah blah and more..

At 1320 feet below sea level,dead sea is the lowest point on earth

Finding Jesus in Jerusalem;
We'll discuss more in next post;
Jerusalem is a fascinating place in itself

Getting lost was never this fun @ Masada

Night parties at Tel Aviv
This ones a silent party!
I even danced on the sands in the beach 
can never forget that.

/*The trip was on invite by Israel Tourism but I loved it so much that extended it for 3 more days*/


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