Santa Wrapped My Year In A Travel Kit


Although not as offbeat for Bollywood and Kingfisher;
It was still for us.
If you remember the song "Kaese Bataye Kyo Tumko Chahe"
from Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani
This place was my favorite
At Pamukkale,Turkey

The year '2014' also called the year of the horse was phenomenal for me.I can't recall in this whole year,there was a single month I was free;I practically traveled every month.I cherish having great times that taught me faith and new adventures that opened up my mind to different cultures and religion.More importantly it taught me to balance work life and family life.Even though half the time I was away,I had other half reserved for family and friends and my loved ones.Even though I had my time of doubts,pain,turmoil and unhealthiness;the experience taught me to neglect all negativity and bring in stronger me.That helped me gain confidence in a field even as competitive as fashion where I was published in Elle and met Rina Dhaka,the pioneer of fashion within a span of 8 months.I still have a long way to go in this field,but I am not eager to win any race.I love my pace.I love the fact that I don't just write to write but I can be helpful to so many people out there.I love the fact that I don't have to prove to anyone or show off.I am happy being me.

Travelling Solo At Santorini,Greece
Where each frame was beautiful

Just as you read this post;Let me tell you,this is posted on Auto post,I am on x-mas road trip with friends!

At Mykonos,Greece
It reminded me of movie Chalte Chalte

It's been 3 years,17 countries and numerous cities.Counting back,I was in Europe for 2 months this year including Spain,Switzerland,Turkey,Greece,Italy,France.So many countries..Such is life!

Backpacking Thai Islands With Friends

The places I have dreamt of ,the places, I always wanted to go,the list is shrinking.To go to some countries,I have worked really hard on winning contests,planning expenditure and small little stuff.I thank all the Tourism boards for their faith in me and the people who judge me for my capability to win a contest.This year,I won two.The one by TravelShop Turkey and the other by Skyscanner. There were some I lost,but I found the winning entries were better.I won two awards too and published in numerous publications including Hindu.And touch wood,god has been looking down from somewhere smiling on my every wish that I worked hard on.

Learning Flamenco in Spain

When I started a blog,I had no clue if I would go this far.Now,I feel content.

Spending quality time with my hubby
And my family
Not to mention,not even missing my friend's weddings.

To people who complain about time all the time,learn to manage.This is one life you have.

For people finding gaps in my posts,I have realised that sitting in front of computer was the unhealthiest habit I have.

So I have started running in the mornings.Like everyday.and keep myself busy with stuff that makes me happy to the core.

My mind runs like creative soul wanting to fill the every gap the world has.Me and my hubby has started a latest venture called ZippyTrippy which will make your travel easier.If I had more than 24 hours in a day,I can start two - three businesses in a line on different areas that are still incomplete.It works or not,I am not sure.But what I am sure is,it will one day on one thing or another.

With the worlds largest flower Rafflesia in Rainforests of Malaysia
On Chinese New Year 
The little tummy that you see is because of lifestyle that we had
Thankfully its gone now.

If I have Australia,New Zealand,Fiji,Croatia and Seychelles for this year,I would be more than happy.But I would be happier if I settle in one place and explore the country in length.I miss my friends when I travel,I miss my hubby but there are so many new people I meet that makes travel so worthwhile.

Swimmimg across wadis and witnessing 100's of Dolphins in the sea at Oman!

Dad once said,when I started travelling,if you travel all the world now,what would you do next when there are no countries left.There won't be any excitement.I laughed it off then.

But I am now,Saving my excitement.I feel fairly settled though I am not.I feel I no longer have to run.I have seen so much in such short span of time,that my thought process was rolled and tossed and turned more than once.

Yodelling And Being On The Worlds
Steepest Cogwheel in Switzerland

It hurts to know there are some people who when I talk to think that since I am married,surviving on hubby's money while travelling is easy,every month.I wish then I had married Uncle Scrooge,no one from the middle class has money to travel every month unless you are the top boss.I wonder if they have ever lived in a mature relationship where there own space meant something!

Even though we both are half as mature when you meet us for the first time,we know that co-existence doesn't have to mean blurring our lines and doesn't certainly have to mean stepping on each others toes.Every person,including he,has his dreams,his vision.And if I press mine on him on petty travel stuff every month,he would be left with no choice but to sacrifice his own needs.The people who do so,or even gals,I am not sure what mindset they are bought up with but that's certainly not me.We do take joint decisions,but we keep ourselves intact.

Saving myself from people with ugly thoughts is so far my best way to be cheerful.No matter what you  do just some people will talk otherwise.All you have to do is laugh and say "Yeah yeah"!

I believe all of us belong to one community and people who fight or underplay deserve to just be on themselves.

Marriage so far was the best decision till date.Read my article on why passion doesn't mean sacrifice.

Jaisalmer:The Place I Knew Nothing Much About Before

Witnessing Fresh Snowfall in Shimla with my brother

In Naukuchiatal,Uttarakhand with In-laws

Surprised by Surajkund International Crafts Mela,Haryana
What I thought would be messy was just so perfect.

I still want to work on better India,probably taking up a job that makes me travel each state every month.I wonder if such Job exists.That way,I would be close to everyone and would be contributing my bit too for India.But I also at the same time,want to explore the world.Even though I have touch based and lived a bit of 24 states in India,while on All India Road Trip and otherwise,I feel so much new has come in giving all of us exciting times to explore India,as if reborn.

Being on the holiest place on Earth:Israel

The god is confused on my double-mindedness.

Fashionably Alive,with Rina Dhaka at Myntra Event

But next month,I have a whole month reserved for Ahmadabad,Gujarat.Let's see where that takes me to.I love the colorful stuff Gujarat has,and may be my fashion blog would be more colorful than my travel blog.Or my travel blog would be more interesting.That's for you to decide.

Awarded Best Travel Writer In India

I can't be more blessed isn't it?

Wish you all a very happy Christmas.May you have the courage to achieve your dreams.


  1. wow! very nice post and beautiful pictures......nice travel......

  2. A wonderful year for you.... Merry Christmas and wish you all the best for the coming year :-)

  3. That's a lot of travel Ankita. Wish you all the places that you want to visit this year. Don't forget to take me along to Seychelles. :)


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