Nalanda-Rajgir - Dona The Journey

Rajgir Bihar : The Journey of Single-Seatedness

It was Mom who kept on reminding me how Rajgir was a scary experience for her long back.Not everyone loves the idea of crossing mountains on an open chair not everyone can dare to do that either.But it was long back.With the progress in ages and rise in tourism all over,the chairs are fitted with hold able bar in front so the risk of tripping is almost nil.As scary as it looks like,It isn't so.It started with a breeze of air on our face vertically going up in an open chair.

We hold onto the bar in front for a little while until we felt relaxed.The trip was long and in between the chair car stopped on the most vertical point.We laughed off.We sang. And then we reached the other side.We wanted to click our pictures with the mountain view and the rope way but a weird instruction on the board "Photography is not permitted"made us not to do so.Why on earth is photography not permitted in many places in India?There is sometimes no logic behind,but its just not permitted. So on the other side is a little hike of a few steps making its way to Shanti Stupa.

I sometimes feel many of these Stupas resemble each other be it the one in Leh or the one in Darjeeling.

 The only thing you should be careful here are the langurs,which are violent and non - friendly. Coming up next: Waking up to a beautiful village and making our way to the khets and trying to plow the field on the bullocks.After which we take you the very famous Bodhgaya. Who said Bihar has nothing to see?


  1. Most of the stupas resemble in architecture and also the surrounding premises, I agree. That rope way does look scary though still!

  2. @Richa Singh:Believe me Richa it isn't scary.Every I thought so,but once you get in and you have no choice and it goes so slow,you start enjoying :P

  3. Hi Anki
    The Rajgir experience of crossing the mountains in a chair was really invigorating. I am all for adventure and I am glad that the open chair now comes with a handle to hold. Want to go there to feel the fresh air.

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