The Humble Amish And The Countryside of America

9.21.2015 Cincinnati, OH, USA

Horses Plough The Field

Imagine when togetherness of family relationships is defined by abandoning technology in a place like America.When we waved ‘hi’ to a farmer ploughing with his 4 horses in Hillsboro,he waved back a hi’.A moment later he was gone.May be he was confused on the attention he got - as it was his regular day but for us,ploughing with horses was new.I wondered how keeping horses was more cost-efficient than the cows but they live in an era that we as an outsider might never understand.I wish I could stop him and ask how things work.They abide by community rules that keep them humble and prevent boastfulness and are reluctant to adopt modern technology.They believe in simplicity.

 As we moved ahead,we saw traditional Amish buggies used as transport by families.Amish(Pennsylvania Dutch) Community in America is different - they have belief systems that unites family than separates them.They use no electricity.They believe that they would rather sit around a fireplace together than use a heater because a fireplace unites a family.They believe in using no cars and most often are seen in Bicycles or Buggies.They use gas bulbs than electric bulbs.Homemade brooms than regular brooms. They believe in the most basic form of living.Wikipedia says that Amish do not usually educate their children past 8th grade and believes that basic knowledge is what is needed to sustain ahead in life.

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We saw women holding onto the reigns of Buggy from inside.The carriage though was covered.
They use it as normal transport.

4 Horses one field.

And hence many a place in America have these Amish stores that sells stuff they themselves handmade or stone grind.That makes their stores full of varieties of pickles and jams you can get back.Many of those stores also sell vintage crafts work or handmade crafts you can get back. They have bakeries that sell fresh made cakes and deserts.They have fruits and vegetables locally grown.

Gas powered Lamps

Traditional Craftwork

Solar lamps

 The Amish Dress code represents vanity and vintage.Women wear long dresses accompanied with caps or bonnets.According to Amish,the women must have her hair covered.Men wear hats too.As I entered one of the store,I saw one of the Amish women dressed in a pretty long dress.As I had assumed prior, she was hesitant to get her pictures clicked which I happily agreed to.

An amish woman riding a cycle.

 Hillsboro happened when we(me and Crystal) did a short road trip from Cincinnati(Ohio) to Arc of Appalacia(Ohio) for the hikes.There are many places in US where Amish community resides.For example in Wisconsin,they have Amish Communities too.To know more:Click here

Zuccini bread and Pumpkin donuts anyone?

.Apart from the Amish Community that thrive on basics,the local farmer community sets up their own market along the way with their produce.A road trip is never complete without witnessing the countryside.The countryside of US is as diverse as ours.So when I saw the first truck with the hay,I was like that's nothing new.Pumpkins is hugely celebrated during the fall and we could see Pumpkins almost in every small shop that we stopped.The road trip took us to soybean fields that were golden and to farmers market that was random.

                              The one at the shop was merely 12,but had a heavy responsible voice.
                                     She told us,her field is further down from the shop.  
Pumpkins Everywhere

Different types of Pumpkins in US
Some used to decoration,some to eat

                                                    Crystal happy for the Soybean fields.

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  1. well these are not amish ,,,they are old order menonites,about a 150 households there jr,s general store ,country crust bakery ,ect the old order amish live in greenfield off of rt 50 ,there are amish in marshal ,and sinking springs ,too if your in the erea scene your from cinni ,on rt 136 there is a menonite settlement in sugar tree ridge they have a produce stand there very nice ,,,and enjoy ,,


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