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9.09.2015 Cincinnati, OH, USA

The longest suspension Bridge in the world by Roebling in 1866

When we arrived at the Greyhound Station of ‘Biggest Small Town in US called Cincinnati from Milwaukee little did I know there’s more to the town that catches the checklist as suggested online.It happens for every small town - things we do not know often becomes things we should.The fact that the roadway named US 52 is a drive that takes to the farthest end of West Virgnia all the way to Texas makes me think how great the road trip would be if ever I do it from here.‘Take it easy’ is how the town can be described where in the evenings folks go fishing in the little Miami River.Your own car is very much needed in this town even though distances between two points ain’t that great but bus service is sparse and erratic.We will talk about US and its transport systems in the coming blogposts including Buses,Bus Services,Planes and Railways.Be assured some of the stories are gonna be hilarious but some worth keeping in mind.It isn’t as bad as many said it is.

Bengals In US?

 The ferocious Bengal Tiger that bewildered not only the land of Ganges but the Zoo of Cincinnati US kept in captivity in 1937 gave the entire team a name -the name of former and current professional football American team ‘Bengals’.It is the Royal Bengal Tiger that is the mascot and the outfit of the team represents orange and black stripes.There was a ‘Cincinnati Bengal franchise’ long before the present day ‘Bengals’.The former lasted for five seasons till the second world war.Post the war,they wanted to give the current squad the past connection to the previous one and hence the current team was named Bengal too.The name ‘Bengals’ however is not unusual in the US as many of the universities are inspired by the ferociousness of the tiger.

 The East side of the town and the west side of the town of Cincinnati are two different entities.The west side is the industrial township where the roads are built around the industries hence to many east siders,the driving in west side is crazy.And to many west siders,driving in east side is.Jokes apart,Cincinnati is famous for origin of many famous brands including Macy’s and Procter and Gamble,the area largely known for industries.

Union Terminal:Above the floods and Goodbyes of World War II Soldiers

Union Terminal was built above the Flood Level

 As every tourist does,we began our tour to the Union Terminal barely going inside,because by the time we reached the museums were closed but the stories still alive. Many many years back Cincinnati had 5 small railway stations,largely disorganized for the common man.When the Ohio river flooded,the city was partly submerged including all the 5 stations leading to the halt of the trains as well as the tracks.An idea was generated - which was to make a united station way up higher than the flood level.During the severe flood of 1937 when the water rose to 80 feet,the Union Terminal looked like an island in between the water.To rectify this,the tracks too were raised so that they never get flooded.

The 1937 floods and the then Union Terminal.
Image Source: wcpo

The Union Terminal had facilities such as Lounges and Bath tubs and Barbers for the waiting passengers. It was a vintage comfort that many did avail that time.

Paintings by German Artist that represent the evolution of work in US

The Union Terminal had facilities like the present day airports.

 German born artist Winold Reiss prepared paintings which were then turned into 23 glorious glass tile mosaic panels.Later after the World War II some of the mosaics where moved to Airport.Some of them still exist in the Union Station.The center of the Union Station is painted and the mosaics represent the transition of the present day Americans. The station became famous during the World War II when many soldiers would take the train and the greetings would follow.For some,that was the last goodbye they ever said to their families.After that,as the transport systems gradually moved to Airplanes,less and less folks frequented the Union Station.Today it has the present day Train Station running Amtrak trains in US and a museum worth visiting to.That’s what I heard.

OmniMax Theatre:As above so below

OmniMax Theatre - As above so below

 In fact,even if the museums were closed,we enjoyed the Omni Max Theatre inside the terminal.Omni Threatre is unlike any other theatre you may have seen.Imagine the five-story domed screen like a planeterium.And you are seating beneath in steps,making you watch as if you are living the sequence.We watched the movie on Whales and that made us feel we were inside in the ocean.Because as above and so below is what you feel.Many have claimed of nausea.If you are sitting in the middle,there are higher chances of the same.Back seaters can still enjoy without having to feel the world falling over them.And if you are in Terminal do not forget to taste the rosewood ice-cream.The decor of the room is desined with the ceramic tiles of the old age ceramic art pottery in the city and the ice creams are to die for especially the chocolate gelato which has chunks of huge big chocolates melting in your mouth.The fountain in front of the terminal is impressive too.

The fountain in front of Union Terminal

Janamashtmi:Celebration in Cincinnati

This is where salt is stored.

 So when,there was Janmashtmi(which celebrates Lord Krishna’s birthday) in India ,How can US be spared?It was surprising to see Indians in large in Cincinnati so many that the festival felt like we were celebrating in India. I have never seen 16 deities of different sections of India put together as statues under single roof of the temple which in the past wasn’t easy to set up.That means there was no God from North or God from South,in fact what was there was God from North and God from South and God from East and God from West together.The way all the festivals are celebrated as a community will enchant you.The huge gathering followed by Mantras and Prasad made us happy on how vividly the culture is followed in this part of the world.The Rath Yatra too was organized.What I also liked was the solar panels owned by various people that helps light up the temple.

 Moving on,lets talk about Fountains and the Downtown.What may seem like a sleepy city at first wakes up when the sun sets.So the pubs are full,the music is live and around the fountain are the events.The famous bronze and granite fountain symbolizes the blessings of water.It reminded me of the fountains in Europe.Streams of water flow from the hands of the Genius of water known as The lady,below which large human figures represents water’s practical uses,and on the base,the child represents pleasures of water.

Swinging Seats at Riverfront

The lady and human figurines

The Longest Suspension Bridge of 1866 

Roebling Bridge between Cincinnati and Covington

 As we walked ahead a witty message got my eye of a distressed poor fellow that said “I won’t lie.I want Beer’.We walked towards Akash India to have Indian food.The food was great.Walking down,we walked past this magnificent Blue Bridge over the river which had swing still chairs on the riverfront.As we looked far ahead,we saw many bridges on the river.The bridge in 1866, when the first pedestrians were finally allowed to cross, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world.Built by Roebling between Cincinnati and Covington was the bridge built by the same man who later built Brooklyn Bridge in New York.There were initial reservations about the design in Cincinnati mostly by Ferry companies.This one is quite a must see.

 As we started walking towards the bridge,one of the cop said,we are closing all the bridges for the fireworks.Well,then lets watch the famous great American Riverfest in the next blogpost.


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