Chasing Fall:Wisconsin,America


How do trees get ready for brutal winter?Do they dress themselves in brightest of shades before they shed all to 'Ugly and Sparse'.Today we discuss a limbo I was in,before I came to know what exactly is 'FALL'. 

Fall is 'Autumn' between Summers and Winters.When the arrival of night becomes earlier and temperature cools down.

Fall In Iron County Wisconsin

 My friend says that the peak fall is when Green,Yellow and Red together exists on trees.While as I have seen in the movies,I believe the perfect fall is when uniformity of single color is maintained - that's bright to the eyes and a photographers delight.It's also not than peak fall is consistent in every state of US,the date of the peak fall varies.So here's where we can check fall updates in wisconsin.

Fall is also the season of Pumpkins,Apples and Halloween and as doctors would like you to believe it - Flu Shots!

There were many stretch of roads we felt like stopping and clicking pictures,but in US highways you are not supposed to because cars run very fast.So the only one we could somehow click was in Iron County above.

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 Manitowish Waters:Staying in a motel 

 Many of the regions which are secluded such as this had most affordable hotels unlisted on the internet.However,some still were.As soon as we came back from Northern Lights at Lake Superior,we crashed in our motel we had booked through$89 dollar/night double room with breakfast).Since we did it very last minute,that was the most affordable we got.

So what's a motel?

The lake at Great Northern Motel Backyard

Motels('motor hotel') are stays located on highways as opposed to urban places.Motels also have exterior corridors where you park directly than specific interior parking like hotels.The Great Northern motel was good for our one night stay - it had a huge room with two king size beds and a view of beautiful lake from the window at the backyard.The breakfast was very average and the staff cooperative.

Great Northern Motel from the backyard

At 6:30 in the morning from my room

At 8:30 :)

That's such a pretty sight! Sigh.

The fog dissipates with a bit of sun coming up..

Heater wasn't there in the room but blankets were sufficient.The wifi was only available at the common area. Now as soon as we got up,the lake from the backyard had a beautiful fog with the colors of fall on the shore.We went down but by the time we did,the sun had come up and fog was slowly dissipating.

 Let's take you to a quick photo essay on how we chased Fall and the colors that were remarkably different.Welcome to Wisconsin's Fall!

These were more like sprinkled art :P

And lone roads

And water bodies..there are lot of small lakes in the surroundings

From the car

So we had a fresh made 'cod burger' (it was really nice!) at a village 'winter'
                                                        (winter is the name of the village)

People watching games..

Lost in the...errr where?

And there I pose !  Love my Jacket ? check my style blog for updates 

Lake Superior is no less than an ocean

With waves and islands :)

The Fading 'Fall'


  1. Perfect colors! This is what autumn is supposed to be - miss this season (or let's say, it's pleasant part) a lot!

    1. Thanks Antonina.I can see them all around me these days :)

  2. all pic are very very nice...i thinking to move to america what yo say

    1. Then you must Sunny for a change :) You would like it.

  3. Excellent pics! Very dream like scenes. :)

  4. First of all Thanks @ Ankita I'm Read your blog very interesting post and HD IMAGE share. i will follow your blog tips.



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