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10.28.2015 Door County, WI, USA

The drive in Peninsula State Park is so beautiful

I was feasting on a locally caught White Fish at Pelletiers in Door county that was made half an hour back with Diesel added that raised flames at the end to boiling fish and red potato that spilled out unwanted Fish Oil collected on the surface. The flame that it raised was no less than a drama to see.He said ‘It was last of the season’. If it wasn’t me liking the Facebook page of Door county and the responses I got over comments,I wouldn’t have had ever known about where to experience this old tradition in Fish Creek and the rest of Door County.I came to know it happens at many places in Door County and the tradition dates back to 1800's.

                                                        Fish Boil And How its done

The flames spill the unwanted fish oil

And there it goes on my plate

 Trust me,it was then I realized that the waiting time at the Pelletiers counter was totally worth it.Many had even arrived with reservations.The fish had a creamy buttery taste but had lots of small fish bones in it.The oldest tradition of United States Stuns me.We,the world,the people in United States - the people who live here and the people who experience it closely- must talk about it more.

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 Door county is like the ‘Hill Station’ of Wisconsin.Small little villages,sweet people,perfect countryside that magically transforms during peak fall foliage or otherwise, situated on the coastline of Lake Michigan,3 hours from Milwaukee.Door County pulls you back into time and makes you want to stay there more.

Driving in door county during Fall is like experiencing colors live

During Fall on the weekend of Oct 17-18

The Fall Colors in Door County was like a dream.Deep intriguing colors - almost falling on you - soft and dense.Lovely. 

It was when the temperature of Milwaukee almost touched 0(32 F),we decided to head up north for 2 days in our rented car.We never knew then camping would be such a rage there.And it has to be - with the view of islands and roads that the Peninsula State Park takes you to and of course night theater in the middle of a state park,it makes such a good place to stay and enjoy.

The best place to stay in Door County is Fish Creek.The second best would be Ephraim. 

 We,however had to face disappointments when we booked our stay online - None of the hotels were available online at Fish Creek during the peak period of Fall Fest,and so we had to book further down(Square Rigger Lodge,$140,lake view room) at Jacksonport. Since it was peak time,the rates were higher than usual.Many of the hotels ain’t even listed online.I wonder Door county may be ‘impromptu’ for many folks.Next time may be.

Shops have creative names and are decorated in Fish Creek

  Fish Creek was an outlet of creativity.Walking in Fish creek along stretch of road with lake Michigan on its one side and small little colorful shops and stays on another it felt like the small new towns of Europe - where people put their heart and soul into their small family owned motels and hotels and eateries.That’s the beauty of being in a place devoid of malls and crowds.Crowds do however happen,because folks from as far as Chicago do come and visit the place.

Fish Creek, listed by Forbes is also one of the 15 Prettiest Towns in America

Door county was home to nomadic residents more than 12,000 years ago and explorers from countries as far as France and Britain were the early settlers.Earlier people used to visit the county by boat and by 1920,the roads were improved to the degree that automobiles could get in.

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Door County was called the air conditioned peninsula even ages back.

The best Cherry Fresh Toast @ White Gull Inn

The Ambiance

White Gull Inn has also been awarded as the best breakfast in America(Winner of Good Morning America's Best Breakfast Challenge.)

The famous breakfast at White Gull Inn had a very European ambiance and the Cherry French Toast with Maple Syrup was out of the world - it was so soft and delicious with that perfect filling inside that it was something like I had never before.Cherries are famous from Door County.Here too,there was waiting.Just then I spotted a family with minion caps and as I asked them where they got it and they said ‘They got it from Sister Bay Fall Fest’ - there’s a lady who makes it! 

The 'Minion' Family I met at White Gull Inn

Watch the video on how White Gull Inn started. Its interesting to know how the German Doctor immigrated to Milwaukee and may have been on a vacation to Door County and decided to be on a resort business.

 We had planned initially that if possible we could cover the Peninsula State Park,Fish Creek in an hour and proceed to the furthest tip of the mainland.However,Peninsula is so big that even covering it by our car took us almost 3 hours when we stopped at many places where there was parking space.Walking inside the park would have had probably taken a long day or more.The drive is beautiful with ocean like lake on one side and the park on another.In between you could see islands , beaches and the collected fall colors which was magical.It was there,we saw many camping inside.

So here's how to camp in Peninsula.There are many many camping sites inside the park and are very reasonable.Starting from $9 as reservation and starting from $16 for the sites.These camping sites are not listed on or or any of the aggregate sites because it comes under State Forest.But once we went there,we wished we knew that camping happens.There are 468 sites inside the park itself.And the most perfect place to stay is here!

View from Peninsula State Park

Peninsula State Park also have islands of Horseshoe,Strawberry and Chambers surrounding them
We read somewhere you could also go there!

There is also lighthouse and cruises in the State park.

Beaches in State Park

Eagle Tower at Peninsula State Park
Earlier we could go up but now due to structural decay it was stopped.

 Proceeding further,we took an exit towards Ephraim from the Peninsula - The next small village that comes after Fish Creek.That’s when we had our famous Wilson Icecream as we walked on the shore.

Ephraim is a cute village

Fish Creek to Ephraim

 We knew we had to go to Sister Bay just to experience the Fall Fest.So tomorrow let's take you to the fall fest and the other county parks.


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